Monday, April 14, 2014

Mani Monday #14: Wet n Wild Megalast

Completely dry to touch in two minutes flat for the price of $2?! I think I am totally sold on Wet n Wild Megalast and the week hasn't even begun! I'm rooting so hard for this one to work out! Even as I'm typing this I have a second tab open up exploring collections of this polish and picking out colors I want to try. Best part is there are always drugstore sales that are BOGO or at least buy one get one 50%.

Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. I use the same base and top coat each week, and this week applied one coat of Wet n Wild Megalast's Haze of Love. There will be a full list and links to all previous Mani Mondays at the end of this post.
Day 1. I firmly believe the top coat messed it up and if it weren't for the purpose of controlling variables, I wouldn't have put one on. Initially the polish was even and smooth but after the top coat it became a little rough and a few nails filled with air bubbles. Nonetheless, slightly sloppy application this week, I did this late at night while I was half asleep but still looking good after a basic day for me.
Day 2. I have some close calls today with an unruly zipper and stubborn blushes. My nails have come out unscathed albeit the rough surface is bothering me.
Day 3. Even with some hair washing nails are still intact. So far so good for Wet n Wild here!
Day 4. I'm noticing that all the edges are chipping. I'm not doing anything unusual so I'm coming to the conclusion that it is the nail polish. Also ew, my right wrist looks so awkward and weird in this picture I don't even know what is going on.
Day 5. The edges are continuing to deteriorate and I chipped up on right pointer finger digging at my DIY lip scrub. Overall the nails are starting to look quite raggedy in person and it isn't something I would still be proudly wearing if not for the sake of these tests. The polish is also starting to lose its overall shine.
Day 6. The chips on my index finger have flaked away even more. Today I spent doing a good amount of organizing and cleaning out my makeup collection (round 5, can you tell I have a slightly obsessive personality?) so lots of opening and closing compacts to determine if products were still good.
Day 7. My hands are getting so dry again, my cuticles are a disgrace and I feel like my polish is flaking off even more easily because of that. That index finger doesn't appear to have gotten worse, however the areas around my cuticles are getting real raggedy.

Final Thoughts. At the end of the week I need to give this polish a B-. Solid application and drying time as well as the inexpensive price and wide range of color choices, however when it comes down to it, the lacquer lost its luster as the week went on and was overall looking quite busted even though there weren't significant chips. If you are looking for a cheap option I would say pick up some Wet n Wild Megalast, the drying time can't be beat and is a great choice for those on a budget. Despite the less than amazing wear time of this polish I will still go pick up a few bottles because this will work great in a pinch where I just need some temporary color on my nails but I don't have a lot of time to wait for it to dry.

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