Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 2014 Favorites

Happy April Fools Day! I've never been a fan of this holiday, I can be quite gullible so I'm stepping out now to assure you that you will receive no pranks or trickery from me. A break from Mani Monday (are we getting bored of them yet?) to bring you my favorites from March!

When it came to makeup I didn't really try anything new this month. I have some new products hoarded up but allergies really hit me hard this month so I opted out testing out new things in case anything aggravated it even more. However I did change up my skin care routine pretty dramatically so I want to highlight some of those favorites!

  • Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner. This is hands down the most amazing conditioner ever and totally worth the hefty price tag. This makes my hair SO soft and lightweight for a full three days after I wash my hair! This is a total princess treatment that I like to indulge in once a month or for special occasions.
  • Vasanti Brighten Up! - Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. I love the feeling of the enzymes against my skin. It's like I'm smoothing on a layer of finely ground diamonds (yes, that luxurious) and I can just feel it at work eating away all that dead skin cells, oil and dirt! This is my new favorite scrub that I use once a week in the morning, just massage it into my skin and then brush my teeth while I let it sit there and do it's job! It feels so invigorating and I've noticed my skin looks brighter with a more evened out complexion since I've started using that.
  • Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Mask. Even though this is targeted towards dry skin I am absolutely obsessed with this charcoal mask. I had a slight volcanic explosion happen on my jawline and after a few days of stubborn red tomatoes I found this guy in my stash of products to try and decided to see how well this charcoal could draw out impurities. All over my face it went and after I rinsed it off my skin immediatly feel softer and smoother and the next day those pesky zits had shrunk considerably! This is not to be confused withe the charcoal scrub which I detest for the smell, this one is basically fragrance free and comes in a more lotiony consistency so it definitely moisturizes as it draws out impurities!
  • Tarte Maracuja Oil. I'm going to start with I received this as a gift, I think Tarte is ridiculously out of line and overpriced this item and I have the full intention of just buying pure passion fruit seed oil (which is all this product is) once I'm out. With that being said, this month I started using this as the first step in my nighttime skin routine (first thing on once I cleanse my face) and it has made a HUGE difference in my skin. I'm not going to get too much into detail since I plan on doing a whole post dedicated to my routine, but I just need to say if you have oily skin or large pores definitely get yourself some passion fruit seed oil!
  • Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. The only makeup product I really just HAD to talk about for this month. I got this a couple of months back literally for just one night (I know I was short on time and unable to get to a drug store situation) but I'm glad I did it because this month I've been picking it up more and more and rocking the winged liner. I'm still a little shaky on it but whenever I achieve that perfect wing I am so thrilled and pleased with the results. This eyeliner is perfect, it's really really black, easy to work with, and as the name states, it stays all day which is great because I get really watery eyes and I'm often touching them to wipe away the moisture throughout the day.
  • Travalo. These made the rounds on YouTube awhile back but finally I decided to get one and I'm so sad I didn't earlier. It is so easy to use and much more convenient than toting around rollerballs since I always feel like the fragrance isn't as strong from those and they shatter so easily.
  • DIY Lip Scrub. I didn't want to show this in a picture since it's kind of gross but I just need to say that my lips have been extra chapped and just awful this winter and nothing has worked until this. I found a recipe which was easy enough, equal parts of coconut oil and brown sugar mixed together and scrub away. After just ONE use my lips were baby's butt soft, so incredibly smooth, and were so plump and moisturized! Thank you internet for saving my lips!
  • Skin Care Routine. Again not something I can show, but wait for the post that is coming soon! I am sooo obsessed with my new routine, my skin has never looked or felt better and even my problem spot of some extremely clogged pores (to the point where they create hard white bumps on my skin) has cleared up significantly. Definitely a huge favorite of mine this month and I'm so happy I switched it all up.
What are some of your favorites from the past month?

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