Thursday, April 10, 2014

theBalm Haul + First Impressions!

Spending fast begins now. But really, someone please help I have a serious addiction to makeup. I will say I was doing really great for awhile, no purchases except refill items...and then theBalm showed up on HauteLook. Those who aren't familiar with it, HauteLook is a flash sale site where everyday it's something new and products are slashed down 50% sometimes even 90% off! I will admit it's a pain, it takes a month to ship sometimes (I placed this particular order March 7th...) and I've definitely had issues where they send me the wrong product (thankfully they refund all my money but then I'm stuck with something I didn't want). However with those prices, I think it's worth the gamble once in awhile! With this particular purchase I saved over 50%!!

So ever since I accidentally destroyed my beloved Mary Lou Manizer when I was attempting to fix it (ironic right?) I've been torn on whether or not to pick up a replacement. Enter HauteLook telling me that it was going up on the site and I was sold. I'll admit I went a little overboard (hence the haul) but after I added everything I have been coveting in my cart I decided to just go for it and add in a couple more that looked intriguing for that free shipping, might as well just do it at this point right? Chatter aside, let's just get right into everything I picked up.
Let's just start with the instigator of this haul which is Mary-Lou Manizer. Hands down the most beautiful highligher shade ever it's so soft and candle light glow-esque. While I was there I was also intrigued by the Cindy-Lou Manizer which is a more pinky color. Probably not something I will highlight with (I have a more yellow undertone) but it will be great as an eye shadow for me.
I decided to pick up two lip products just because I was interested in trying them out, BalmShelter Tinted Lip Gloss in Valley Girl which smells like bubble gum and then the packaging totally got me on this one, Read My Lips Lipstick in Letter to the Editor which turned out to be a semi-sheer shimmery color. The gloss is a nice neutral color that will be great everyday wear and the lipstick is unique to my collection since I don't have one of these berry shades with such a distinct glitter to it.
I love love LOVE my Hot Mama blush so naturally I picked up two more blushes. I selected CabanaBoy and FratBoy. CabanaBoy turned out to look a lot different in person but it's this beautiful berry that I'm a HUGE fan of, and FratBoy was as expected a nice peach which despite my earlier resisting against peach, it actually compliments my skin quite nicely.
My bronzer obsession is really getting out of control, contouring is just so fun! The Bahama Mama Bronzer is a favorite of many people so I am excited to finally get my hands on it! One of the things I love the most about theBalm is their space conscious packaging, so easy to store and travel with since it's just a flat little booklet!
You know me an skincare (hint: I'm obsessed) so I had to pick some of that out too. First in the cart was the Blueberry Face Treatment Mask, I love using masks and blueberries have such great properties in them so I decided to give this a shot since I don't have anything blueberry in my regime. I was hesitant to add the Almond Microdermabrasion Face Scrub simply because it was expensive even after the discount! However my love for all things almond prevailed and I just went for it.

I plan on doing some more in-depth reviews for a few of these products so I neglected to go into more details, so look out for these in about a month! I plan on fulling testing everything out and cataloging their progress and wear!

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