Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 3 Favorite Makeup Removing Techniques!

The common problem when it comes to makeup is the issue of having to take it off at the end of the day. Does anyone else find it heartbreaking to wipe away that flawless face that you’re sure you won’t be able to recreate? I will definitely admit there were a few times I took some slightly shameful selfies in order to memorialize that perfect smokey eye or how dewy and fresh my skin looked. Through the years I have tried a number of different techniques at getting myself unready for the night and there have definitely been some hits and misses. From cold creams to coconut oil I've tried it all and I've settled with three favorite techniques to share.

First up is my absolute favorite method right now: cleansing oil! I won’t get too much into it, you can read my full review here on my favorite brand that goes really in depth about it all, but this stuff rocks! Super gentle and just strips off all my makeup, waterproof or not, while also leaving my skin soft and hydrated. Without a doubt I suggest everyone try a cleansing oil at some point in their life, it was a completely life changing experience for me and my skin just loves it.

Next up is makeup wipes. Before cleansing oil stepped into my life this was my preferred method of taking off my makeup. It was fast and easy, and it's still something that I return to after a late night out where I want to just wipe and collapse into bed. There's a whole bunch of brands out there and everyone has their favorites, personally I like the wetter towelettes without a lot of fragrance so the Pond's brand is my personal favorite. A recent discovery is the LA Fresh makeup remover wipes, the towelettes are extra soft and just as effective. Why I moved away from using wipes daily is all the harsh tugging that inevitably happens when a slightly damp cloth is your only means of cleaning away the day's gunk.

I'm not a huge fan of thick, creamy makeup removers as I feel like they always leave behind a film, nor do I enjoy the liquid ones because more often than not they irritate my contacts, so enter this solid waxy lump of travel friendly goodness: theBalm's Balms Away makeup remover. A lot of people claim this is no different than rubbing Vaseline on your eyes, however I find that it works and the more solid state of it makes it a great travel companion and virtually mess free. Just a small dab rubbed over your makeup and wiped away with a dry cloth and you're done.

What is your favorite way to take off makeup at the end of the day?


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  2. Great makeup removal techniques, I really like makeup wipes myself as they work so well.


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