Thursday, May 8, 2014

4 or More..Products I REALLY Love

As I was reorganizing my makeup (yes I'm a little obsessive) I noticed a few products where I just seemed to have gotten one of every color so I thought it would be fun to share these items where I own four or more of. Definitely a lot of lip products and nail polishes which I seem to have a tendency to hoard different colors of.
I went through a Maybelline Color Tattoo phase where I wanted every single color there was. After I discovered the inconsistency in the quality that tapered off. My favorite will always be Bad to the Bronze and I hope to start using these more especially now that it's getting warmer and I want more budge proof makeup!
Continuing my Maybelline kick are the Color Whispers. Before these I wasn't a huge fan of lip products but these changed my minds. Moisturizing with a whisper of color it's changed my outlook on lipstick products.
Before there were Color Whispers in my life, Revlon Lip Butters was my crack. Not quite as moisturizing I find as Color Whispers but I loved the buttery texture and the colors that they had. After an hour they just start feeling dry on my lips so I definitely strayed from these now.
NYX Butter Glosses. I. ADORE. THESE! I think it's life goal to own every single one I just really think they are that great. It smells like a cupcake shop, tastes delicious, and just have the prettiest colors that are SO moisturizing. There's definitely a few shades, especially in the color extensions they've released, that I want, but for now I think I'm good.
My favorite nail polish, can you guess it? Essie! I have 48 bottles in basically every shade imaginable. I don't think I will ever fall out of love with Essie or stop buying them. Even after weeks of Mani Mondays, this is definitely still my favorite brand of nail polish.
A new find that is slowly gaining favor with me is Color Club! I love you Essie but Color Club has you beat on metallics and glitters! It's also a favorite brand of both Birchbox and Ipsy so I'm really starting to amass a collection of mini bottles from them.
This one is a slight stretch but I have every intention of buying Down Boy in the future (post spending ban) so I'm going to go ahead and throw theBalm Powders on the list. Currently I have three blushes and one bronzer of their flat little book powders and I love them. I love the space conscious packaging and the quality of the product as well as the gorgeous colors they have. More please!

What are some products you have four or more of?

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