Thursday, May 29, 2014

Favorite Summer Nail Colors!

Am I weirdo for not liking neons? I feel like summer colors are bright but not obnoxious, but also soft so that your nails can enhance the brighter clothing you tend to wear and not clash with it. Also neons are notoriously difficult to work with, I don't have the patience for a white coat so it just never turns out well for me. Today I've picked my three favorite colors for rocking in the summertime, also it was hard, but I tried to not pick all Essie in my collection so there can be a range of brands. I'm doing three finger swatches for each of these colors because one, the mess of painting five nails five times gives me anxiety just thinking about it, and two, you get the point whether it's three of five fingers.

First up is this slightly muted coral that is Color Club's Reign in Spain, this was released as a Birchbox exclusive Wanderlust collection so I believe that's the only place you can get this color, and you must get the set of four. Remember what I said about these softer colors that enhance not clash? This is THE best coral to wear on your toes because it perfectly emphasizes a gorgeous sun-kissed tan. If you pick a coral that is too bright I feel like it ends up looking really tacky and cheap so this is the best shade for this color in my collection.
I'm not 100% happy with this color but yellows are really hard to deal with. For my sunshine inspried shade I have chosen butter London's Cheeky Chops which is the perfect blend of golden light and creamy buttery depth. It's bright without being obnoxious and just delivers to me visions of flower crowns and summer picnics.
The only exception to my no neons was picking up the green and I waffled between a bright chartreuse and this but in the end OPI's Gargantuan Green Grape won. This is a soft minty color that could almost be a muted spring shade but just has a little too much depth and personality to be classified as a pastel. The color gives me thoughts of mint mojitos and fairy lights in a backyard party.
Essie's Find Me an Oasis is cool and refreshing, like the first breath of air when you surface from a pool. It just screams resort chic (I mean it is from the resort collection) making it a stark fashion statement among a sea of color. Sorry that was a lot of water and sea analogies but I hope I have achieved in painting a picture in your mind.
I gave in and included one neon-ish color in this list which is Essie's The Girls Are Out. This is that party color, it's a bold purple with the slightest touch of shimmer to it that just makes a statement. Summer is all about staying out late and this color just screams fun.

What are some of your favorite summer nail colors?

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