Monday, May 12, 2014

Mani Monday #17: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro

Sorry guys I should have checked online and realized that Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro is discontinued. I must say when Rimmel redid everything a few years ago they definitely got rid of some goodies like my all time favorite Lycra Extension Mascara! That was a horrible heartbreak. I think the Lasting Finish was replaced by the 60 Second nail polish, anyways we will continue on with this weeks Mani Monday anyways! The formula was nice and very quick drying however it is bubble mania on my nails but I blame that on my top coat. My Opi Top Coat is definitely reaching the end of its life, it's getting really thick and goopy so I had to glob it on to achieve a single coat. For the last few Mani Mondays (just 3 more for now!) I think I need to switch the top coat because this just isn't usable anymore.

Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. I use the same base and top coat each week, and this week applied two coats of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro's Black Satin. There will be a full list and links to all previous Mani Mondays at the end of this post.
Day One. I guess the bubbles kind of look artistic? Anyways, normal day of work and still looking intact.
Day Two. Low key day. All these bubbles are grossing me out, it kind of looks like funky nail art I guess. Despite a good amount of housework and laundry there are no chips so far!
Day Three. I've been on a serious cleaning spree lately and really breaking into samples and ripping through plastic packaging. There are micro chips on my left thumb and middle finger, I'm not sure it's that noticeable in pictures but they are there.
Day Four. Hair washing day! The polish is starting to lose its shine and tiny cracks are starting to form on all of my nails.
Day Five. Not shiny, even with a top coat, what is this! It's weird, the top layer of the black polish has chipped off the bottom layer on my left thumb, never had that happen before. Otherwise everything else is ratty but intact.
Day Six. Chips forming along my right middle finger after a long day of computer work. There's also a chip along the side of my right ring finger and this weird scrape on my right thumb. Apparently my right hand just really got it today.
Day Seven. More little chips along the edges, otherwise not a huge change from yesterday. I'm pleased to finally be done with this week though I think I might chuck this and get a new black now that I know how horrible this stuff really is.

Final Thoughts. Should I even bother grading this since it's discontinued? Either way I would have given it a F. While it did dry quickly and there weren't any major chips, it got raggedy really quick and lost its shine after a few days even with a top coat on. The brush was kind of stiff and annoying to work with so it dragged a fair amount, just not a great design overall. Up to 10 days? I think not. I promise next week I will feature nail polish you can still buy and also that these are coming to an end soon (at least for now).

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