Monday, May 5, 2014

Nails of the Week #1: Essie Fashion Playground & Hide and Go Chic

We're going to switch it up, eventually I plan on doing alternating Mani Mondays and Nails of the Week right now it's going to be kind of crazy. Originally the Mani Monday that I had been testing this week just went really badly. Total user error and the results just wouldn't have been real if I followed through, so I'm introducing NotW a little earlier than expected! I really miss doing nail art and colorful manicures so I'm going to start featuring my nails and thoughts on the nail polishes I use with close up swatches, opinions, tips, and dupes!

This week I decided to pick up my two newest purchases from Essie's Spring line. I read enough reviews to know that it wasn't worth spending my money on the whole collection however two colors really caught my eye. This beautiful pistachio green that is Fashion Playground is everything I imagined Mint Candy Apple to actually be and the blue of Hide & Go Chic was calling my name, surprisingly I didn't have another color in my collection that was similar to it! I did an alternating manicure this week meaning that one hand got two blues and three greens while the other hand was the opposite. The result was very fun and just something simple to ease myself back into the creative side of nails. Fashion Playground is gorgeous but a little tricky to work with, it took three coats and I still ended up with a bit of streaking. Hide & Go Chic was amazing! So creamy and nice, I could have gotten away with one coat but with the yellow stains on my nail (darn you Julep!) it made it look greenish with just one coat so I did two to cover it up and preserve this beautiful blue.
Overall I'm pleased with how this turned out, I've missed Essie and the control I have over the brush and everything. This has been one of my best manicures in awhile. I'm excited to be starting this series because I have since bought or received a ton of nail polishes that I've been dying to try out! China Glaze BFF has been on my toes for three solid months now so I'm excited to get an opportunity to showcase it on my fingers. I also have a bunch of Essie and glitters that are begging to get their day in the sun.

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