Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Review: Benefit's Bigger Than BB The Big Easy

I am not a foundation girl. I'm lucky that I have fairly even skin with no crazy redness or dark spots with minimal scarring. Also I'm horrible at matching the color to my skin and even worse about keeping receipts so I tend to stay away from that mess (I have a whole box of foundations that are just a shade or two off that I have no clue what to do with). I also have very oily skin and large pores making it difficult to find any type of foundation that will stay put and not accentuate those pores. My skin is also finicky and prone to break-outs so I really avoid putting anything all over it during the day. However after hearing all the claims that the Benefit's Bigger than BB, The Big Easy makes as well as reading mixed reviews I decided to pick it up myself to test out. I'm a huge fan of Benefit, especially their boxed blushes. I think have enough products to do a full face Benefit at this point. The biggest selling points for me to try this out is the fact that it is liquid-to-powder finish (only thing I've found that would stay put!), self adjusting (goodbye color match woes), and SPF 35 (gotta get in the SPF habit for summer)!

The Big Easy comes in this flat circus themed tube and holds 35 mL (1.18 fl oz) of product while retailing for $38. It feels like the entire tube is actually full so you're not paying for a lot of excess packaging. Like most Benefit products there isn't a huge range of shades, there are six in total, and after swatching them all in stores I picked up the darkest shade which is Deep Beige. At the time it was a TINY bit too dark for me but I have the intention of using this during summer and I tan like it's my job when it's warm so that wasn't a problem. Even now after just three weeks of having it and a few days in the sun it already matches my skin perfectly. I found that the first four shades (fair, light, light/medium, medium) were all pink based colors while the two darker shades (beige and deep beige) were yellow based colors. It definitely does not get very dark so it's definitely limited in skin tones who can use this.
There's a whole bunch of claims that this product makes saying that it is a multi-balancing complexion perfector that delivers light-to-medium natural coverage that will even out skin tone and conceal imperfections. It is non-comedogenic and oil-free. The Big Easy claims to balance moisture and control oil, self adjusts to match your skin, has a liquid-to-velvety powder finish, protect your skin with SPF 35, and all the while having a lightweight finish.
While it suggests applying with fingertips I found that my favorite method has been using a damp beauty sponge. I squirt out the product directly onto the sponge and dot it all over my face and blend it out.I find that it is fragrance free and very blendable so it's easy to get even coverage. Definitely start out with just enough to cover your face in a thin layer because I find it very buildable and it's easy to make it too dark on your skin. It self adjusts like a dream and dries to a very soft velvety finish that is super lightweight and natural looking. I also found that once it's dry, it's not going anywhere, it didn't transfer anywhere and despite having SPF there was not a white cast on my face (even with flash photography). Best of all it really did control oil and shine! It was a completely matte look all day, there was some dimension to my skin, but all day my forehead felt dry to touch and there wasn't a noticeable shine to my skin. By the end of my longest day testing it out (roughly 14 hours) it did start wearing away from my cheeks exposing my pores, but that was an unusually long day for me wearing makeup so I think overall it did great.
I did find a few things I wasn't too crazy over, but compared to all the other benefits (hah!) these are just peanuts. This stuff does set quickly, not exactly a con, but just something to keep in mind so definitely move fast at blending it out. This is where using the damp beauty sponge is helpful because it helped keep the product in liquid form a little longer. As with most powder finish products this had a tendency to cling to dry patches. I have oily skin so this is a rare occurrence for me but I had one week where my under-eyes were unusually dry and when I tried to apply this it looked pretty bad so I can imagine this isn't the greatest for dry skinned people. Finally the last kicker is something that is common sense with all SPF products but it states on the packaging to apply this every two hours. This makes no sense to me since there's no way I would be slopping this on top of all my other makeup every two hours.

Take my review with a grain of salt, there were a ton of people out there that loved this and just as many that hated it. The colors are a little tricky so definitely spend a lot of time swatching and checking it out in natural light. Be aware of how buildable this is to the point where it can darken significantly as you put on more to conceal imperfections. Overall I love it because it works great with my skin type combating the shine and the SPF is great for those summer days out in the sun.

Have you tried out The Big Easy? What is your favorite Benefit product?

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