Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: HauteLook Exclusive Lip Beauty Bag

This was definitely a leading factor in enacting my spending ban but this deal was just too exciting for me to pass up! Every once in awhile HauteLook comes up with a set of full sized products that they sell at a ridiculously low price. I missed out on the $10 makeup goody bag so I snatched up this lip bag as soon as it hit the site at 8am. This set came with six lippies and then five lip accessories/tools. The total value of the entire bag (lippies and goodies included) is $160 and I picked it up for $20 (plus shipping, tax, and a month long wait time..). So did I think it was worth it? The answer is a resounding yes. The Laura Geller marble lipstick made this bag for me, it is perfect and the best everyday nude that I have in my collection. I could have done without a few of these tools but I will just take them as bonuses. The majority of these products are some fiery reds so it's definitely not a dream bag for everyone.
Of course I had to showcase the Laura Geller Italian Marble Lipstick in Sugared Maple first. It is gorgeous to look at, a luxurious swirl of dark and light pigments that delivers the perfect my lips but better warm pinky nude. It goes on like a dream and feels super moisturizing on the lip. It is very sheer on the lips which is exactly what I like. These retail for $18 for a 0.12 oz tube.
I had a huge headache with these LORAC Lip Lustre Gloss and HauteLook at the beginning of my experience with this site. Long story short, I bought one of these guys and was sent an aquamarine gel liner instead, don't worry I got my money back and ended up keeping the liner too, so my relationship with HL was salvaged. This one is in the color Ruby and is this loud "look at me" glittering red. This will be a really fun night on the town color. This retails for $15 for a 0.11 oz tube.
I actually own this exact Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Flirty Kiss and it is my go to red. The color is very buildable so you can have just a kiss of red all the way to an attention demanding shade. Super creamy and easy to work with and fantastic staining powers this has a permanent home in my clutch. They've redesigned the packaging a little but the one I'm swatching in the pictures is the one I already own since this one is going into the gift/giveaway box. This 3g of color retails for $30!
I was excited to get the chance to try out more Mirenesse products so this Mirenesse Lip Bomb in #2 was a great addition to the bag. Just from swatching I can see that this is a super glossy color with some serious staining power. There's a great minty scent to it which is something I'm normally overwhelmed with but I don't mind it here. It feels really nice on the lips and I'm excited to really put this to use. At 3.1g this retails for $35.
This is a brand that I've seen here and there so I'm stoked to finally get to try something out. This Lord & Berry 20100 Lipstick Pencil in Fire is another great red, a little more orange than the other ones. I love these sticks because it offers better control and precision. Often I find sticks can sometimes be drying but so far I haven't found that with this one. This retails for $16 and I couldn't find a product size anywhere.
I'm a huge NYX fan so it's surprising that this is my first lip liner! This NYX Lip Liner in Ruby works just like any other lip liner out there. Personally I'm a fan of the Maybelline clear liner since it takes the headache out of matching colors. This is a good one to add to my arsenal nonetheless. A pencil of 0.01 oz retails for $5.
For the tools, I never really find I need anything except some tissue to clean up the edges when applying lip products so here is parade of items I don't own and don't really know how to use. First there is the Swoon Lip Gloss Reusable Wand which seems odd. If a lip gloss every gets to the point where I can't reach it with the wand it comes with I'm not likely to want to get it out because who knows what bacteria and other gunk has been festering there? This Crown Brush Lip Liner Brush might get used but not what it is intended for. I find that lip brushes are the perfect tool for smudging lower lash lines, especially if you're like me and put on mascara mindlessly before doing it, so these tiny brushes are perfect for reaching under those spider legs.
Finally the last group of the La Fresh Lip/Eye Makeup Remover Packette, already something I have a bunch of and love so it was great to have an extra, and then the two accessory cases. The Allegro Lip Gloss Case doesn't seem like something I will use. I just throw my lipsticks into my purse and haven't had an issue with that yet. The Makeup Bag that everything came in though is fantastic. It's the perfect size and shape for brushes so I'm ecstatic to finally have something to travel with that won't crush the bristles.

Overall I'm pleased with this purchase and definitely think it is worth $20. I have a bunch of new reds to play with and I'm definitely keeping an eye out for the return of the makeup goodies, of course once my spending ban is over that is! I've seen this on and off HauteLook every week now so if red lippies is something you're interested in definitely consider picking this up!

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  1. I got this as well, I really loved the Lord & Berry Lipstick pencil and Mirenesse Glossy Kiss.