Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Review: theBalm's Mary-Lou Manizer & Cindy-Lou Manizer

I'm going to let you all in on a secret: I preschedule my posts! *gasp* Okay that may not come as a huge shock to most of you since you've probably all figured it out at this point seeing as posts are published everyday at 11am and all. So why am I randomly talking about this now? It's because I'm here to say that months ago I had pre-determined that I wanted to review these two products on May 6th, but obviously that didn't happen. This happens a lot for some posts they get shuffled around as I'm suddenly struck by inspiration, or I decide to do a special post that is time sensitive (read: current events and holidays), so long rambling short: this one has gotten pushed back no less than five times. What I'm trying to say is that at this point I really just want to push this particular post out instead of rescheduling so this is going to be a short, sweet and to the point review.
What I have today is theBalm's Lou Manizer powders, more specifically Mary Lou and Cindy Lou, there is a third Lou sister (Betty Lou) but that one is a shimmery bronzer which isn't really my cup of tea (nor do I need more bronzers...). These retail for $24 each, I do not suggest buying them full priced because that is a lot and theBalm shows up on a lot of flash sales sites as well as have massive sales all the time so I say wait. Mary Lou is a soft honey shimmer that gives a beautiful candlelight glow while Cindy Lou is a soft peachy baby pink. These work great as highlighters and dotted on the inner corners of your eyes for that sparkle as well as a soft shimmery eye shadow. Their multitasking power is great and just one of the reasons I love them so much.
They wear very well all day and unlike a lot of glowing highlighters out there, don't make oily skin look oilier. Both of these products are a little powdery so apply with care but the end result is so beautiful it's a product worth working with. That being said they break VERY easily! The slightest tap results in shattered dreams so be very with this. My first Mary Lou Manizer broke within a week and made the biggest ever in my bathroom. I wish it came with better packaging that would help protect against this disaster but overall I love these two Manizers and highly recommend them.
Do you own any of these Lou Manizers?

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