Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Summer Music Festival Survival Must-Haves

After reading another blog post that highlighted some music festival beauty essentials I was inspired to compile a list of necessities for surviving the day overall! I've been to my share of music festivals throughout the years in many different locations. Desert? Check. Breezy island in the bay? Check. Park in the heart of LA? Check. I think at this point I can call myself a festival veteran and be able to share some wisdom to make your music festival experience the best that it can be!

The number one must-have for me are sunglasses! I would suggest picking up some cheap ones (Forever 21 has a bunch of different styles that hover between 5-10 dollars usually!) because you just never know what will happen. I've broken, lost and even got sunglasses stolen off my face countless times so the worst thing you could do is have something happen to your pricey babies. This is a duh moment for those day long festivals where you're fighting with the sun to see your favorite acts but at night I found it useful to wear sunglasses into lit buildings so you aren't blinded walking in and out of the restroom.

If you're a festival junkie like myself or you're going for those three day camping experience ones, a portable phone charger is essential! Festivals are notorious for having bad cell reception due to the amount of people packed into one small area. In order to keep your phone alive to stay in touch with friends and continue Instagramming (#noshame) you definitely need one to make it through the day. Invest in one of those cases that are chargers and a case in one to limit bringing anything extra, or a recent find of mine is a solar powered portable charger which is perfect for the days in the sun! This one is also small and compact and would fit easily into any purse or pocket.

Bring a jacket. You will thank me at the end of the night when you're stuck waiting for a cab or walking that two miles back that seemed like nothing in the morning. This is something that took me a few festivals to finally learn. Even though it's annoying have to carry something around all day when its 100 degrees out, it will always get chilly at night (unless you're in the desert). A jacket also works double duty as a clean surface to sit on so just think of it as a portable picnic blanket!

While it's tempting to rock those adorable strappy sandals, I'm on team comfortable closed toed shoes. If you plan on getting into the thick of things, right in the crowd or front row, people there aren't so forgiving about where they put their feet. Even clad with my trusty Converse, my toes have fallen victim to many careless stomps and I shudder just to imagine the damage if I had been wearing sandals of any kind.

Check for items allowed and if you can bring in a reusable water bottle. Most festivals these day offer water stations where you can refill your water to stay hydrated so bringing your own bottle is the best thing to do. Now you might be thinking, just go inside a buy a plastic bottle, while that's ideal because it's something you can just dispose of at the end of the day, a lot of events now will sell you the water sans bottle cap. They claim they are trying to prevent littering but actually they are just making it so you are forced to buy more water instead of just reusing the bottle because it's very hard to dance with an open bottle.

The most important thing to bring is the good vibes and smiles to embrace the unique culture of every single festival. Party safe this summer! What are some festivals you plan on going to this summer?

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