Friday, May 16, 2014

The Dirt on Pantone Color of the Year

Since 2000 Pantone has made it a point to announce a color of the year which afterwards you see a mad rush of everyone snatching up everything and anything matching that color in hopes to stay fashionable. I don't know about anyone else but I always wonder about this color of the year business, so I thought it would be interesting to do some digging and figure out how this color is chosen every year and look into what it all really means and how it affects fashion and beauty.

First of all fashion tends to come out a season or two to almost a year ahead of time. Meaning right now despite just the beginning promise of summer is happening, the fashion world is already debuting its Winter 2014 line! That being said when choosing the color of the year it is easy to "look ahead" so to speak, to see the colors that will be used for a full calendar year before that year even happens! The process begins every year as a search that takes place in January. This is an international affair that incorporates taste-makers from all industries including fashion, technology, music, travel and even ones that seem out of place like weather to search for emerging color trends around the world. It's not even just to stalk beauty gurus and runways for color but the color of the year really has to resonate and be embraced globally. After these colors have been collected a secret two-day meeting is hosted by Pantone where in the end a color is agreed upon.

Personally I've always noted the color of the year as the hot color I should be wearing on my nails or eyelids for summer however after doing my research I've realized that it means so much more than just the trend of the season. The main priority of this color is to capture the current state of the world and embody the feelings. Here's a quick run down of the 14 colors we have had so far and what it was saying about the world:

2000 Cerulean (#15-4020): Chosen because it represents a calming Zen state of mind and spiritual fulfillment in the new millennium.
2001 Fuschia Rose (#17-2031): A reversal from the previous year of calm to something more exciting, feminine and sexy. 
2002 True Red (#19-1664): This deep shade is meaningful and recognizes the impact of 9/11 with a patriotic hue.
2003 Aqua Sky (#14-4811): After the tumultuous years a cool blue was chosen and is meant to restore hope and serenity.
2004 Tigerlily (#17-1456): Acknowledges how orange has become a hip color and this particular shade added a touch of exoticism.
2005 Blue Turquoise (#15-5217): After a fiery color the year before, another return to a calming shade of blue.
2006 Sand Dollar (#13-1106): A neutral color that expressed the concerns over the state of the global economy.
2007 Chili Pepper (#19-1557): Acknowledging how personality is reflected in everything these days, this color connotes an outgoing, confident, and design-savvy attitude.
2008 Blue Iris (#18-3943): Mixing together the calming aspects of blue with the more mystical qualities of purple, this satisfies the need for reassurance in a complex world while adding mystery and excitement.
2009 Mimosa (#14-0848): In times of economic uncertainty and political change, this color was selected to symbolize hope and optimism. Exemplifying the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun it is a reassurance that sparks enlightenment.
2010 Turquoise (#15-5519): Provides an effective escape from the everyday troubles of the world by evoking thoughts of soothing tropical waters while restoring our sense of well being. A color of deep compassion, healing, faith and truth.
2011 Honeysuckle (#18-2120): For the need to lift the spirits in a time of stress. It is a captivating, stimulating color that gets adrenaline going to ward off the blues evoking a nostalgic feeling of summertime.
2012 Tangerine Tango (#17-1463): A spirited color the continues to provide the energy boost needed to recharge and move forward.
2013 Emerald (#17-5641): Selected to exemplify growth, renewal and prosperity in light of the recovering global economy.
2014 Radiant Orchid (#18-324): Known for its magical and innovative properties, enhances the feeling of creativity and lends a touch of uniqueness.

So contrary to what I thought, fashion doesn't follow the color of the year but rather the color is chosen out of existing trends with the state of the world kept in mind. In the end what the color of the year means is up to you but I think it's great to have this global effort that brings us closer together every year.

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