Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Time For a Financial Fast

Once the Christmas season was over with all their sales and tempting value sets I thought I would be done with my impulsive shopping for awhile. Oh how wrong that is. Maybe it's because I've been so stressed. Maybe it's because I reorganized my makeup and now there's more sense. I'm not exactly sure what it is but today I'm ready to climb on stage and state that I have a serious addiction to buying makeup.
Now you might be ready this and thinking "Well of course you do, you're a beauty blogger, that's your job", no my friends it has gone beyond that. Prepare for how review heavy May is about to get because I literally have TUBS of products, still mint condition in their packaging, waiting to be tested and reviewed but yet I keep buying more. The low point in my life where I realized I needed an intervention (I'm ashamed to admit this) was one night where I sat down to order a Mother's Day present, I ended up buying that plus 5x the cost of the present in makeup as well as a year subscription to Beauty Box 5. Did I need another subscription box, five new blushes (most likely in colors I already own), eight lip products, and countless other items??? Definitely not.

Today I am coming on here to announce the start of my financial fast. I am putting a spending ban on myself until September. So what does that mean for this blog? Don't worry I have plenty of goodies stockpiled to continue reviews, as well as now I will be receiving THREE subscription boxes monthly so I will have products to pull from there for reviews. There will be more rediscoveries of old favorites to share, as well as organizational tips and survival tips on financial fasts. There will also be an increase of lifestyle posts as well as more think about types of things, such as the call to action to ban the word flawless. I am also allotting myself a one DRUGSTORE product per month budget in order to throw something new in the mix while limiting the money I spend. I am also banning all online shopping and have unsubscribed from my daily deal email blasts because I always spend more when I'm not physically holding the goods and handing over the money. There will also no longer be any type of Wishlist posts on this blog, I have a crazy list mentality where when I see one I just NEED to cross everything off the list, and also during the ban there will be no more hauls which is something I think I will do away with all together. 

It's on the internet so now I must stay accountable so let's see how these next four months go!

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