Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day Gift Guide!

Father's Day is coming up, in a few days actually, and if you're anything like me you never know what to give as gifts (and you're also extremely last minute). I've thrown together a quick list of ideas, some that you can even get on today and still be in time for Father's Day on Sunday!

For the dad who is always on the move or more into grooming, a subscription to Birchbox Man is a great option as a gift! These come with goodies that are targeted towards the men in your life so this would be the gift that keeps on giving even after Father's Day. I must say I'm envious of all the cool lifestyle products that they get, I mean passport cases and whiskey stones?! Is it weird if I start getting a subscription for myself...?

Keeping on the subscription box train, maybe grooming isn't your dad's thing, never fear! There are plenty of others out there. Some of my personal favorites are MistoBox for the coffee connoisseur, Beer of the Month, and Quarterly for the dad's who are into tech.

Take a classic item like cufflinks and spice it up by getting some fun shaped ones to express your dad's personality or hobbies. For the man who enjoys a trip around the green, why not pick up some golf ball shaped cufflinks? This is a fun idea that is both functional and unique that you can customize to your dad's interests.

Summer is the perfect time for sports and BBQ so of course a grilling set with your dad's favorite sports team logo on it is a great gift. This way they can show their team pride while grilling up some delicious burgers.

The last idea is something I did with my dad last year, I went for the memories not items route and took him to the Computer History Museum! My dad is a huge tech geek so he was thrilled to spend hours walking through all the exhibits, and let me tell you this place was thorough. It started with abacus and ended with robot houses. Take a quick peek on Google to see if there are any special themed museums near you that you can take your dad on for a great day trip.

What are some of your gift ideas for Father's Day?

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