Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014 Favorites!

I swear every favorites post I lament about how fast the month has gone by, but surprisingly this time May felt like a full month to me. Enacting this spending ban has really helped me clear out my samples stash as well as really explore products that have been sitting in my collection. Along with that my skin has breaking out ridiculously because it really hates wearing foundation (true story) so I've discovered some skincare goodies too that have been in hiding for way too long. I'm pleased to report for the first time in months there is a really nice balance between makeup and skincare products and I think I've found a few holy grail products!

I'm going to start with nail polish first! Remember how I obsessed over BFF for months? Maybe it wasn't so clear from this blog but I can tell you from January to about mid May that was the only color I wore on my toes. I finally decided it was time for a change and I've started obsessing over Essie's Full Steam Ahead. The is the prettiest lilac with a slight shimmer and awesome formulation. I love slapping this on my toes and the color makes me happy to look at. If you've been following my Mani Mondays you will know that I have been using OPI base and top coats exclusively, and that the top coat is meeting it's goopy end. I grabbed a random one I had just hanging out and I am in love with the elf 3 in 1 Coat now! It claims to be a base, top and strengthener, all I know is that it works great and the formula is very thin so it's really easy to apply and dries quick! Mani Mondays are finally coming to an end (for now) so expect to see a ton more nail polish favorites in the coming months.
Going through samples there are a lot of foundations I found that I don't like, but something that I picked up on my own that I've been loving is the Benefit's Better Than BB Big Easy. So amazing! I did a full on review so I won't go into too much but basically this is the perfect product for my oily skin and we are in a long-term committed relationship together. Don't mind how disgustingly dirty this is I need to replace it, but to put on my miracle better than BB cream this Precision Beauty Sponge is awesome. Actually for all cream products that I've been experimenting with this month from highlighters to even eyeshadow primer (I really don't like getting my fingers all dirty and makeup stained), this has been my go to tool.
The last few makeup items I have been digging into this month includes this NARs Orgasm/Laguna duo. This is awesome for travelling and in particular I really like Orgasm, it's the kind of pinky gold blush that I really go for all the time. Might as well finish up with the rest of my makeup favorites which has to be the City Color White Gold Mousse Eyeshadow and Maybelline Define a Brow. So this eyesahdow is just gorgeous look at the color! I love it as a highlight shade, for the inner corners, or even just all over my lid with some winged liner. Also the texture is really fun, I'm just obsessed! Even though I'm on a spending ban I definitely logged onto the website real fast to see if there were other colors but this is the only one. I highly recommend it, it's soo pretty and affordable too! Also my Anastasia has been replaced with this Maybelline pencil! I'm not alone in this but apparently a lot of people experienced the Anastasia pulling out their brow hairs because the twist is just not secure. But I'm in love with this pencil, much more affordable and once you twist up you aren't able to twist it back down so it's perfect!
Following my severe acne attack I tried everything I had to get my skin to calm down and I found that the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask is a life saver! It smells so delightfully minty and fresh and it very cooling on the skin. It's very effective at shrinking pimples but be warned that it does leave your skin fairly and a little ashy afterwards. Sometimes I even use it as an overnight spot treatment for particularly stubborn zits. My last favorite is the Jergens BB Body Cream, and my only complaint is that it goes fast. It has a great whipped mousse consistency and smells really nice. Even though it isn't advertised as a self tanner it does have an ingredient that causes self tanning so be warned! I definitely got some color onto a pair of white pants I was wearing one day. I just love how it makes my legs look and it is super moisturizing but absorbent. Definitely a great find at the drugstore!

What's some of your favorites from this month?

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