Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 2014 UNfavorites & Face Wash Check In!

I'm going to let you all in on a secret. I have this weird thing when it comes to lists (you all kind of got that sense in my spending ban post), but basically everyday I like to make a ridiculously long list of things to do and then I get great satisfaction with crossing things off. The same thing happens with blog posts, I'll come up with a list of posts that can easily be prewritten (tips, reviews, random musings, etc.) but every month my favorites/unfavorites always end up on that list too closer to the beginning of the month rather than the end. Consequently often what you are reading as my favorites ends up getting written mid month, but since it's such a consistent cycle it's still a full "month" (at least days wise) of likes/dislikes. The point of this ramble is that this month ended up being a little crazy and for once I am actually writing this out at the end of the month! Anyways...sadly I have a handful of products that just did not place nice with me this month as I started sampling more products from my stash.

First up is the POP Beauty Nail Polish in Pink Popsicle. I want to chuck this straight in that garbage because this was one of the worst formulations I have ever worked with. It was so sick and nearly impossible to do thin coats with. It just looked so bad and after three days of wearing it (yes this was suppose to be a mani monday) it STILL wasn't dry and got a huge smudge that took off about half a nails worth of color, that's when I knew I was done. I wish I didn't delete the pictures because it was just a crime scene. Something else that didn't do it for me was this Becca Highlighter. I tried it as just a highlighter, and mixed into foundation, but either way it made my skin really oily and caused my other makeup to just slide off, not cute. This little perfume sample of Prada Luna Rossa, was insulting to me too. There's a strong sent of cinnamon which I'm just not a fan of, so this is definitely not a perfume I would pick out on my own. Now this Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Body Butter came in an Ipsy bag and the smell is so sickly sweet I just can't even. It's also very sticky as in it doesn't absorb very well and I also feel like it doesn't do anything for me really. You can only take a tiny bit (about a dime size) and rub it into one small section for about five minutes before moving on to the next patch, just not worth it. So I don't normally go for hair spray but one more I woke up with the most beautiful waves from sleeping in a bun so in an attempt to perverse them I grabbed this Joico Hairspray that I got from a Birchbox (seems legit right?)...no, just no. First of all my hair turned into a helmet, but then 30 minutes later it turned stick straight while maintain it's hard as rock feel. And then to top it all off it dried out my hair like crazy! It took two hair mask sessions (pre shower and post shampoo) to get it feeling at about 50% health. Yes, not making that mistake again.

Face Wash Check In
This may be the last month I do this, I'm pretty much done. The Fructis Gelee is done, the Suki Face Wash has been deemed unusable now (it's just rock solid now and nothing short of a pick-ax will help), the Aveeno has about a weeks worth of use left in it and the St Ives is about halfway done.

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