Monday, June 23, 2014

Nails of the Week #3: Jelly Sandwich w/ Essie & OPI!

So I'm loving NotW so much more than Mani Mondays just because I can change up my polish all the time (and start using my favorite Essie again). Finally I'm starting to get a little adventurous and attempting some fun nail art, so this week I tried out a jelly sandwich! So a jelly sandwich isn't a delicious treat but rather a base color, followed by some glitter, and then a sheer color on top which transforms the glitter and basically makes a custom nail polish color for you. I've never done this before so I tried a few different things and my final product was the result of five different polishes! 

For my base coat I went with Essie Bachelorette Bash which is my favorite hot pink. It's a total one coater so I love this color because it's easy to put on anytime and it dries in a minute. I don't really have the right kind of glitter topper for this manicure (shocking!), I tried using OPI's When Monkeys Fly but I had a hard time getting the large hexagonal glitter onto my brush (I succeeded on one finger) so I gave up and switched to using Essie Jazzy Jubilant on my pointer and pinky finger and doing Essie Set in Stone on the other fingers just to experiment with different glitters. I topped my sandwich with Essie Ballet Slippers and then a top coat of OPI Sheer Tint in Be Magentale with Me because I decided it didn't look pink enough. I'm pleased with the effect, kind of like a strawberry milkshake color. The silver glitter turned white so it kind of looks like cool paint splatters that I'm digging, especially since the smaller bits of glitter really makes it look on purpose. I'm totally doing this combination again, it was so easy to do with a great final outcome!
Have you tried jelly sandwiches before?

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