Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New Years Resolution Check In!

I thought it would be fun to revisit my list and see how I'm doing now that basically half the year is over! I must say this is the longest that I have managed to keep resolutions on my mind and I'm pleasantly surprised at how things are turning out for me. For those interested on reading up on the five things I've vowed to do, you will find a more in-depth look into exactly what each resolution entails. Now onto my progress report!

  • 10 Second Rule. This one I've struggled with recently. A lot has been happening and keeping organized has just fallen out of my priorities. The clothes piles have returned and I am fighting hard to turn this around again. I was going good for a good 4-5 months and only just recently fell off the wagon here. I'm confident this can change and I'm vowing to work harder at this.
  • Budgeting. I'll admit it wasn't until about the end of April I really got serious with this. But I filled out my excel sheet and after a lot of trial and error I have devised the perfect budget for my lifestyle and really challenged myself to stick with it. It's been up and down but in the end I pretty much stick to it and I'm thrilled.
  • Learn Advanced Excel. Nope, hasn't happened.
  • Reading 30 minutes. This one is great, I'm just devouring books on my reader as well as pulling out some of my old favorites, like the entire Hannah Swenson bakery murder mysteries! Sounds silly but they are great fluffy reads that I really enjoy.
  • Reading the news 2x a day. I've gotten really busy lately but still manage to squeeze in a sweep of news at least once a day as well as staying up to date with a bunch of push notifications on the phone. So while I'm not religiously combing news twice to say I'm still confident that I'm doing my part in staying informed.
How are you doing with your New Year's Resolutions?

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