Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Bucket List

I know I said no more lists on this blog, but this is non product list! I've never actually came up with a list of summer activities that I hope to indulge in so I thought this year would be perfect to chronicle it all on my blog. I'm hoping to do some more photo heavy posts so I can start keeping track of memories here for me to look back on (good and bad) and I think knocking some things off my bucket list would be a great way to transition into doing that.

Outside Lands. There's a three day music festival that happens in Golden Gate Park every year and I've secured a one day ticket (working on getting another one), so I'm excited to say that this is one thing that I KNOW will happen for me. This one will make a great day in the life with makeup, outfit, and general shots of the day so keep your eyes peeled for this in August!
Vegas! I think a trip to Vegas every summer is completely necessary. It's the best way to reunite with friends who are scattered everywhere and of course it's a lot of fun too! Some of my best memories and moments happened in Vegas as well as strengthening many friendships over late night pizza and nursing blistered feet. The annual girls trip is in the works so I'm looking forward to seeing all my friends at the end of July!
Mastering three nail art designs. I got a head start on this (check out NOTW #2!) so the watercolor manicure is definitely on my list. It was a good first attempt but I know I can do better. I want to take advantage of my dotting tools I have and I think it's high time I perfected the french manicure. Check back at the end of summer to see how I did!
Devise a new makeup organizing system. Everything is a mess right now and I end up just using the same products over and over because I just don't have space to store new makeup. I have a ton of makeup just unopened in boxes that I slowly rotate through but I would prefer to have a better system where I can have more makeup at hand to use. This is something that will happen when the next item on my list happens which is...
Moving! SF or LA? This is probably my number one focus right now, a few things need to happen but I'm confident I can do it, but I would like to by August move either to San Francisco or Los Angeles! Getting my own place will be great and I will be able to get new furniture and a different space to work with which will allow me to purchase a dedicated makeup drawer (Alex drawers anyone?) so I'm definitely highly motivated to finally make this happen for me.
Eliminate 50% of my closet. Seeing as I only wear about 20 pieces from my wardrobe on rotation this should be a cinch. It's hard to part with some sentimental pieces but it's time to face the fact that I'm not in college anymore and crop tops and crochet tanks are harder to work into a professional outfit. I would like to eliminate a huge majority of my clothes in order to then buy some better quality pieces that are more appropriate for my life now.
Conquer my summer movie list. I have quite a list of movies that I just need to see, that post only just begins to cover it. Life happened and I got a little behind but I'm still determined to conquer the entire list, whether it's in theaters, renting, (or other ways) in the end!
Redesign blog layout! I've started doing this a little and started bouncing ideas but web design was something I was very in to (and good at!) when I was younger so I would love to relearn the ropes and create something amazing for this blog. This is the only thing I'm a little concerned about doing since I'm very ambitious this summer with some high priority goals, but one fantastic idea and one quiet weekend is all I will need to get this accomplished, so stay tuned!
Get back on the fitness train, 5k? I used to be a gym addict, five days a week I'm there for 1-2 hours a day but last year when my job situation got really crazy that got pushed away. This summer I'm determined to get back into and hopefully get strong enough to be able to run again. Ultimately I would love to find someone to do just a 5k with, there are so many of these fun runs now that I think it would be a great and totally attainable goal.

What are some of your summer bucket list items this year?

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