Friday, June 27, 2014

Whats in my Trash?! #7

  • Ponds Makeup Wipes is a usual staple for me. I have quite a stash that I'm using up right now, but I'm done purchasing these. These are definitely my favorite brand of wipes but I exclusively use cleansing oils or LA Fresh wipes now since those are individually packaged and therefore have a longer shelf life.
  • Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra 24H Sample. Well the color was way off but it was a heavy powdery finish which I wasn't a fan of. I looked really cakey by the end of the day and my skin was really oily too.
  • Paula's Choice BHA9 Sample. I don't really get what this was suppose to do but this sample wasn't big enough to see any benefits, I guess it's good, but I wouldn't repurchase it. I prefer using pure oils as moisturizers because they are less expensive and much more effective in my opinion.
  • Laura Geller Spackle Tinted Primer. This sounds weird but I loved the glitter! It really gave my face a soft all over glow in a not circus performer way.
  • Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel. I don't understand what this was suppose to do but my skin felt very soft and smooth the next day, so I guess it worked? I would be interested in seeing how using this consistently for a period of time would do, but it's not something I would run out and buy right now.
  • Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray. Somedays I love it and other days I didn't. I've come to the conclusion though that it works best on damp or wet hair, because putting it on dry hair was a little drying.
  • Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo & Conditioner Samples. I actually LOVED this! It made my hair feel so soft, and I do have a severe shedding problem (but I also have very thick hair and lots of it), so I might actually pick up the full size of the shampoo once I finish up the bottle I have now.
  • Spa Therapy Body Wash. Ew no. This smelled like cheap generic hotel body wash and I just hated it so much.
  • YSL BB Cream & Foundation Sample. So this sampler said to use the BB as a base and put the foundation over it. I loved the BB cream it looked amazing (even though the color was a little too light) but the foundation had a very dewy finish and that day did not end so well for my makeup...
  • Benefit's Hello Flawless Primer Sample. This is another one where people seem to love it or hate and I definitely hated it. It made my skin feel oily and therefore did not do a good job tacking on the foundation.
  • Cover Girl Flamed Out Mascara. This was featured in my Project Pan and I really do like this mascara but I have so many mascaras that I've received in various boxes, gifts and samples that I don't need to run out and get it. Eventually though I probably will pick it up again.
  • Stila Lip Glaze. Another Project Pan victim. I'm not a fan of the color so I wouldn't get this again.
  • Anastasia Brow Wiz. I loved you, until I figured out you were pulling out my already sparse brow hairs...It's still a great pencil in that the color is great and the skinny size makes for a very natural brow, but I would like to keep what brow hairs I do have so I won't be picking this up again. I am interested in trying out their dip brow though!
  • Maybelline Clear Mascara. So I guess this isn't technically used up, but it's so nasty at this point it's just time for a new one. I use this to set my brows and it's pretty decent, I don't really know what I'm looking for but I hear the Milani one is better. I had a back up already waiting for me but once I finish that I think I'm going to try the Milani one.
  • Perfume Samples. Just a big handful of them. Again project pan, there were likes and dislikes but one perfume I definitely want to buy eventually is the Juicy Couture Couture La La Malibu (that's a mouthful). It smells soooo good and girly and just me in a bottle basically.

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