Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beauty Myths: Debunked #4

Did you think that I've forgotten about this series? Truth is yes...but never fear I'm back with another round of beauty myths to debunk! It's time to uncover some sad truths when it comes to beauty including some lies we've been told about cold spoons and acne.

Quick fix to puffy undereyes is placing some cold spoons over them. While it is true that the cold will reduce the swelling, you should actually never do this! The freezing cold has the potential to break capillaries in that sensitive area which will cause spider veins that will look much worse in the long run! 

Drinking water prevents skin dehydration. This one I have heard a thousand times, but is a huge myth. Water isn't what keeps your skin hydrated by it's actually oil! Staying hydrated will promote the healthy cycle of natural oils, but when faced with dehydrated skin, it's a better bet to slap on some non-acnegenic oil (coconut oil is a great option!) instead.

Expensive products are better than inexpensive ones. I think this is definitely a "duh" myth that has clearly been debunked but it still seemed worth mentioning. Half the time the cost of an expensive product all goes into the name and the packaging, instead of paying attention to the bells and whistles look at the ingredients and take the time to figure out what works best with your particular skin chemistry!

You'll outgrow your acne. With a heavy heart (and lots of personal experience), I must say that this is indeed a myth. As I'm moving into my mid 20's (yikes!) I am still plagued with some serious bouts of acne that sometimes makes me want to cry and claw my face off in frustration (whoa, too vivid). Unfortunately acne is the game of hormones and genetics so take a look at your family and evaluate your life to figure out what type of role blemishes will play in your life.

Shaving makes your hair grow back coarser, thicker, and darker. We've all heard this one for years so I'm happy to say that this is NOT true! Uncut hair is widest at the base so when you shave you're getting rid of the hair at the widest point, so when it grows out again that's what you see and it will feel coarser and thicker. Shaving does not change the texture or thickness of individual hairs.

What are some other beauty myths you've heard?

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