Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Breaking the Ban With a Haul

I know I know. Spending ban fail. I really have no excuses except that a lot went wrong for me in May, but as it started to turn up I decided to give myself a pick me up with a blush I've been wanting and that somehow turned into picking up six items in total. I am just a sucker when it comes to theBalm and it's turned into my life mission to own everything from them! As usual HauteLook hooked me in and it turned into well if I'm already paying the shipping I might as well just go for it, and things escalated quickly. Just real fast, HauteLook is a flash sale site that is always good to keep an eye on because often they have a lot of high end makeup brands like Too Faced and Urban Decay for ridiculous discounted prices. The only thing about this site I don't like is that the shipping takes forever, sometimes over a month! And the shipping is also quite high so it always tricks me into spending way too much money just to get the free shipping. However I do like how you are able to return things to Nordstrom Rack now so that's always a plus, and they also have great customer service. So onto my mini haul!
First up is the only thing I meant to pick up which is the DownBoy Blush. I already own FratBoy and CabanaBoy and decided why not complete the collection? Makes so much sense right? This one is a classic pink with a slight shimmer which is surprisingly something I don't already have. Most of my pinks are more towards the rose gold side of the spectrum with the gold sheen to it, so I felt justified picking this up. 
I went back and forth about this one for awhile but after reading multiple reviews I decided that the Sexy Mama powder was worth it to buy. I hear that it is a fantastic blotting powder and that it is truly translucent and won't leave a white film on your face. My skin has gotten really oily lately and it's really frustrating to not even be able to get through a few hours before I feel like my makeup is just slipping off so I think it's worth a shot to see if this can be the answer to it all. With the really slim and compact packaging this will be easy to tote along in any purse and hopefully deal with all that oil!
This one was a total impulse buy that I threw in at the end right before check out. Like I said I've been really frustrated with my skin lately, it's going through a rough transition because I've pretty much changed up my entire eating habit, incorporating a fitness routine, adjusting my sleep schedule (more or less didn't sleep for a month and I'm finally getting that back now), as well as I had to change some medication I normally take, so at this point I'm willing to try anything. I don't really believe this will work but after the discount it was inexpensive so I picked up the Vanilla Oil-Absorbing Face Moisturizer just to see if it could possibly be some miracle product. I'll be testing this out thoroughly so keep your eyes peeled for a review!
Here's another fight the oil product I picked up which is the Spearmint Aloe Face Mask. Reading reviews it appears to help tighten pores and reduce oil production, which again I'm a little skeptical about, but this seemed like it would be a nice refreshing mask (like my Mint Julep!) to try out so into the cart that went.
I'm still in love with my shadow insurance, I honestly can't say what drove me to get this, I think packaging, but I also picked up this Put A Lid On It! Primer. May subconsciously I was trying to get myself to use more eyeshadow, but either way I hear that it is comparable to my favorite Too Faced Shadow Insurance and possibly even better, so keep a look out for a possible head to head review of the two.
Last item I picked up is something I'm a little scared of but excited to try which is the BrowPow Eyebrow Powder in Dark Brown. When I first started doing my brows I always filled them in with some eyeshadow so I decided to bring that back because using powder will be so much nicer to my already sparse brows than a pencil. Let's see how this goes for me.

I swear after this I should be able to make it until September now, especially with my three subscription boxes that I have going!

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