Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 2014 Favorites!

This was the month of rediscovery and many repeats. Going into this second month of spending ban I'm really shopping my stash and finding some gems. Also my skin has gone from borderline normal to puberty level oil field, not fun. That life update I promised you...that will come and this whole skin situation will make so much more sense. Enough with the cryptic rambling, let's get into the products!
First up is two L'Oreal products! My absolute holy grail mascara has to be the Miss Manga mascara! I am so obsessed with this stuff. Thickens up my lashes SO nicely and I love how soft they stay so I'm able to pile on more throughout the day. The second one that I've picked up again for the summer is the Magic BB Cream. Perfect amount of coverage and leaves me matte for the day which is really a miracle right now. This has been absolutely my go to product for longer days where I need to stay somewhat presentable.
I know I always hated on setting sprays but combination of Nyx Matte Finishing Spray with my re-rediscovered love of the Benefit's Hello Flawless! Powder has been my favorite mid day touch up. On days where I unexpectedly had somewhere to go after work and I didn't use my BB cream, it's too much work to take off my makeup just to put on a BB cream so I've been using the powder to blot away the shine and then the spray breaks up the powder just the right amount for a nice natural finish. So far this has been the summer of my war against oil and I'm pleased to find some strong players in my corner.
Naturally I've been tweaking my skincare in hopes of fighting this oil (spoiler: oil is still winning...) and I've found a few new steps that seem to be helping. First up is introducing a toner into my nighttime routine. I'm still not sure what a toner is suppose to be doing for my skin but I found a few bottles of this Michael Todd Cranberry Antiox Toner and I must say I'm digging how refreshed my skin feels after this. It seems early to be calling it a favorite so I guess putting a toner into my routine in general is what I'm really feeling. Next up is a product I feel like I've been using all wrong but the S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Polish is a miracle spot treatment! I received this as a Birchbox sample and it has really done wonder fighting the ridiculous acne that has been spawning on my face. I feel like I've been talking about it all the time but this month the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque is still a strong player in my acne fighting game. It's really helped dry up those pimples and I don't think I would have survived this month without it.
This last group is a perfume favorite as well as some nail favorites. For perfume I am loving Juicy Couture's Couture La La Malibu so much! It smells of clean soap (I know weird) and citrus, it's just so summery and me. The only drawback is that there is not an Eau du Parfum option so the scent doesn't last that long but I loved it enough to get the full size anyways. For nail favorites I've been loving Essie's Bachelorette Bash on my toes all month! It's the best hot pink and just so perfect and fun for summer. Staying on the pink trend I've been wearing a lot of pink nails this month and while all the OPI Sheer Tints are awesome I've been particularly loving the OPI Sheer Tint in Be Magentale With Me. First of all these are really sheer so they work well as top coats for most colors, but why I'm really loving them besides the fun nail art possibilities is also because it turns any manicure to a gel-like finish. My nails last so much longer using these top coats which has been great since I've had less time to do my nails lately.

What are some things you've been loving for June?


  1. I really want to try the Miss Manga Mascara but I haven't been able to find it in stores and I don't really want to order it online. Awesome post!

    1. Definitely can't live without it now! I found mine at Walmart! They always have a bunch but it's kind of hidden on the sides.