Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Mini Life Update!

I had every intention of putting together a "Day in the Life" type of photo diary post today for 4th of July, but besides my morning routine of makeup and skincare, I completely failed at taking any pictures at all. I ended up running late to everything and there were just not opportune moments for pictures. I'm sad this was a fail because I was really excited to do this and start documenting some things, but we will try again the next time I have a fun day planned! So I'll admit I am at a lost as to what to do so I'm going to give a semi life update. I'm not getting into huge details but I kind of want to explain a few things that are going on. Feel free to skip this if you're not interested in some random ramblings from me.

I'm kind of at a weird place right now, this is going to sound really anti-depressant commercial-esque, don't worry I know exactly what is going on with me, I just don't want to share too much here, but the things that typically excite me and I love doing, I'm just not so into right now. Sadly this blog is falling into this category. Typically the second I realized what I originally had planned was going to fall through I would have a ton of prescheduled posts to easily swap out, or another idea that I could bang out quite quickly. Lately I haven't been in the mood to write and I just can't seem to draw inspiration. I'll admit I've even been skimping on the beauty routine and the usual fix of trying out a new product doesn't seem to be lifting me up anymore. I think it's safe to say that I have hit a beauty wall. While this blog used to be a top priority in my life, it was a much needed escape and safe place for me, I'm pleased to say that for the first time in months there's a lot going on for me that is right which is taking away from my blogging time. A lot of those comfortable activities that I have indulged in such as Netflix marathons and Candy Crushing for hours, I find I don't have time for anymore, but in the best way possible. I finally have some things to look forward to and I'm spending less time reflecting by myself. I'll admit that logging onto the site and seeing lists of 'Drafts' versus 'Scheduled' posts is really disheartening to me, but I'm just finding it really hard to sit down and write out a bunch of posts and doing things day by day like I have been lately feels like such a burden.

So what does this mean? Don't worry I started this blog with the commitment of writing five days a week and I don't intend to go back on this promise! Just know that I will be slow at, if at all, responding to comments and there may be an increase in Review type posts just because they are the easiest for me to get out on a timely manner. I'll admit I suspect that my spending ban is a big factor in this disinterested because I'm no longer accumulating new products to get excited about. I'll admit I'm considering cashing in my Birchbox points to pick up a few new things just to see if I can rekindle this blogging spark and I vote that doing that doesn't exactly count as breaking the ban, which I also definitely broke already....stay tuned for a mini haul tomorrow, I promise I felt really guilty about it afterwards. Everybody just bear with me as I figure out how this blog fits back into my life, I can share that simply the act of writing this has made keeping this site alive a less daunting task. I think lately I've been just guilty for neglecting this blog and coming on here to admit that I have has helped. Here's to moving forward and better blogging days!

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