Monday, July 14, 2014

Nails of the Week #5: Red, White, and Blue Manicure

Wow I'm so much more backed up on my NotW than I thought. This is actually what I did almost a week and a half ago for 4th of July. Currently my nails are actually naked because I'm giving them a break from all the acetone and nail polish. If they weren't so grossly stained red I would take a picture of them, but it disturbs even me to look at them and it's not something I need out on the internet forever. Anyways! So for this (last) week I decided to go patriotic and take my dotting tools out for a spin. 
It's embarrassing to admit that I haven't been so successful with the dots because I have shaky hands so I'm pleased that this turned out some semi circular dots! For the red I chose Kardashian Beauty in Flame and the blue is Essie Hide & Go Chic. I debated between that one or Butler Please for awhile but I felt that was too bright of a blue for what I wanted. After about two coats of each color I used the largest dotting tool I have to put white dots on all my fingers. I used a Sephora by OPI for the white in the color Snow? I think it is. It's just a basic white, and the only white, that I own. I loved how this turned out, such a simple design that looked really impressive and professional and definitely something I will try again with different colors and different sized dots.

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