Monday, July 21, 2014

Nails of the Week #6: Essie Sand Tropez

This week I went with an old classic. I've had a lot of bright and deep nail colors lately and I had every intention of doing a fun summer neon, but when the day came where I had some time to do my nails I was in kind of a weird mood and opted for a muted neutral. It was just one of those days I didn't want to stand out which worked because even though I've had this color for quite awhile now, I had never used it! I think I tried once but didn't have the patience to wait for the coats to dry in between and I just ended up making a mess. I know some people prefer the more sheer look but since my nails are still slightly stained I piled on three coats to get this opaque look. There is a tiny bit of streaking on one or two nails but since this color is so neutral it wasn't that noticeable and I decided to not go for the fourth coat. 
Overall I'm a huge fan of Essie Sand Tropez. It's a little light on me so I think if I was tanner it would be even more beautiful. It's just the perfect nude in my opinion and I picture using it as a base sometime and sticking on some rhinestone and glitter to jazz it up. I can see why it is a fan favorite and I think this would be great on the toes too! I kind of regret cutting my nails short, I've finally gotten them healthy enough that I can rock the longer nails without the nail breaking or splitting, but long nails really bothered me and got in the way. Maybe I'll leave them alone so I can do some epic nail art soon...

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  1. i love essie nail polishes! id love it if youd comment back xx