Friday, July 11, 2014

Unboxing: July Beauteque Beauty Bag

They got me with the promise of a free Essie nail polish...does this count as breaking my spending ban too? Probably, oops...Anyways! After reading about this beauty bag on Rachel's blog Harlot Beauty (go check her out!) I was intrigued and decided to order one for myself! Despite going to China fairly often (used to be once a year, now about once every 2-3 years) I have NEVER picked up any kind of Asian beauty products! I guess the real reason for this is that I didn't really get into makeup and beauty until about two years ago and my last trip was a full year before that. That being said, after reading and watching countless reviews and hauls about Asian beauty products I really wanted to try some of this stuff out for myself.

This particular site, Beauteque, specializes in Korean beauty products, but they are headquartered in New Jersey so no need for crazy shipping fees! So their BB Bag (Beauteque Beauty Bag) is their new subscription service that is $22 a month (or $60 for three months) which includes shipping within the States! This is a great deal because it comes with a cute makeup bag (really though, how cute is it?!) and this month came with 7 items which are ALL self customized! I'm not sure if all bags will be like this, but I loved being able to pick exactly what was going into my bag! I don't plan on continuing this service, this was just a one time for fun type of thing!So let's get into the goodies I picked out!

First up is this Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil which I got in the color Brown. I love that the pencil itself is angled so it will be really easy to work with for a natural brow. I haven't tried it out yet since I have a number of brow products open right now, but this will definitely get used as soon as my current pencil is finished!

Next is the Holika Holika Dessert Time Pudding Pack which is a mask that I got in the Pineapple variety. There was an option of four different types from this brand, or four other yogurt masks from Etude House, but I chose this one because the pineapple one is suppose to be exfoliating and with all the skin issues I've been having lately it would be nice to scrap off a layer of my skin!

I'm really not crazy about sheet masks, but I'll still give these two a try. I got two My Beauty Diary Face Masks and I selected Strawberry Yogurt (Oil control, balancing) and Lemon Vitamin C (Brightening). My gripes with sheet masks is that I always find they are more trouble then they're worth since usually they don't fit my face naturally so unless I do some fancy surgery one them, the sheet won't touch all of my skin. Maybe the size and shape of these will work out better for me!

I have yet to figure out how to use mineral eyeshadow so this Beauteque Mineral Eye Shimmer will go with the other pigments I have until I have the patience to figure it out! The color I chose, Seoul Sparkle, is a lovely shimmery light pink, so once I figure it out it will be a nice all over color for a soft look (and will compliment my Naked 3 just great!).

Then there is the Skinfood Shea Butter Hand Lotion which I think may be what I'm most excited to try out. There's a Skinfood store near me and while I've walked past it a hundred times I've never actually gone in, so getting to try this out may convince me to stop by! I chose the scent that is Honey.

Then there was the Beauteque Minerals Foundation Brush. This will probably get passed on, I have a ton of foundation brushes in all shapes and sizes so I really don't need another one lurking in my collection.

The last thing in my bag is the free Essie nail polish bonus in the color sssssexy which I'm quite excited about! I tested out this magnetic nail polishes when they first came out in Sephora but I never actually bought one myself! And the fact that it is this nice wine color...I think this is what will be featured in my next NotW!

If you're interested in this bag you can check it out here! I highly recommend doing so! It was a fun bag to get and I loved the customization and I can't wait to try everything out!

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