Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Did I Survive the Spending Ban?

Clearly I did not (see theBalm Haul, Birchbox Haul, elf Haul...not even getting into my random day of splurge). I did break down a few times, but I would like to think as a whole this was a really positive experience for me and it stopped me from wandering into the drugstore during my lunch breaks and picking up random things. It also challenged me to work through my samples and others items I have accumulated and move out my comfort zone to discover some new things. Here are some things that this spending ban has taught me about myself and my habits:

  • I am an emotional buyer. Probably the worst kind out there. If I'm feeling sad or feeling happy my answer to life is to buy something new. While I want to say about 80% of the time I was able to talk myself off the ledge and refrain from buying something, clearly 20% it was a fail. I bought things when I was frustrated and bought things when I had a particularly successful day. This shows me that I need a new outlet for my emotions and the best answer to this is to refocus my energy on the blog which is how it all started this. This is something I will consciously work on for the months to come.
  • I get a high from packages in the mail. But who doesn't? I struggled with not buying sometimes because I yearned for the anticipation of potentially coming home to packages on my doorstep. I've concluded from this that as much as I complain, subscription boxes are my friends because it is the best budget friendly way to give me my mail fix.
  • I need to save more. I learned something interesting about myself in that it doesn't matter what I spend the money on but if I have money in my checkings account I just like to spend it. However if money is in my savings account, nothing will make me touch it! So I think the easiest answer is to start depositing more of my paycheck into my savings instead of letting it just sit in my checkings account. Same goes for cash, I just don't like carrying it or spending it.
  • Paypal is not my friend. It really makes it too easy to buy things and this is something I need to figure out ways of limiting my access to it.
  • This all seems really negative but I must say that I thought I was a research fiend before this experience but now I REALLY think about and consider all aspects of something before picking it up. I had a list of items I started building pretty much the second the ban started and weekly, if not daily, I would look up a few reviews on each item and add to and take away from the list until finally I broke down around the end of July/beginning of August and did most of my purchases. I've stepped up my skincare game even more and pick up only high quality products now and I think it's the only reason my skin wasn't a lot worse than it could have been.
I think I will attempt a spending ban again, but not nearly as extreme as an entire summer. I think the timing was just wrong for me though, a lot of new products come out during the summer and there are sales nearly every week to tempt me. I think maybe in the spring I will try it again for one month and make it a cold turkey ban where absolutely no money should be leaving my bank accounts!

Anyone else do a spending ban lately? How did you do?

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