Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 5 Faves

This week has been crazy busy! It both went by really slowly and flew by at the same time that I can't believe it's already Friday! I'll admit I've been doing pretty poorly at the whole prescheduled post deal so I've started taking things one day at the time. I am just bursting with ideas for blog posts that the easy stuff to preschedule (reviews, DIYs, etc.) are getting pushed out of the way as my real time thoughts are just pouring out. Lately I'm really into these sit down and chat types of posts which I'm more than happy to do because these will be the fun ones to reflect back on years down the line. I still can't believe it's been nearly 10 months of posting 5 times a week and I'm amazed that I haven't run out of things to say again. This blog really is my baby and I'm so happy with what it has turned into and what it has done for me in return. Anyways today I'd really like to highlight five favorites from this week in no particular order!
  1. I've been obsessed with, and I mean obsessed with, this Republic of Tea Get Clean herbal tea. Usually I go for the fruit teas but this herbal tea tastes like vanilla and almond and is just heavenly both hot or on ice. I drink at least a cup of this stuff a day and will cry when I finish this tin up. Republic of Tea in general is just great quality tea (you pay for it in the price!) that comes in the cutest tin. I'm slowly hoarding a bunch of flavors that I sneak into my grocery basket every once in awhile and I have yet to be disappointed.
  2. I think since my subscription boxes have been disappointing me lately combined with my obsession with Bloglovin' lately I was on the hunt for something to pick up my spirits, and that's when I discovered Memeboxes! These are Korean beauty boxes straight from Korea that are specially curated with different themes and the products are a surprise. I went a little crazy and ordered five of them so for the next three months I should be getting a steady trickle of these goodies. I'm excited for the new exposure to the world of Asian beauty so watch out for those unboxings! If my shipping date calculations are correct I should be getting my first one by the end of August!
  3. Usually I keep my nails short because I work an office job where I'm typing away on a computer for 40 hours a day but lately I've been letting my nails grow out and I'm absolutely loving how they look. My nails are finally strong and healthy enough to be long and I just think they look so gorgeous and elegant. It is kind of annoying typing but I think the trade off is worth it.
  4. Typically I don't brush my hair so it stays messy and voluminous but for some reason I picked one up this week and I've been in love with the look of stick straight hair. I think I'm really yearning for fall where the weather is cooler and I can start leaving my hair down without overheating. I'm really embracing the sleek look of straight hair and I'm lucky enough to have hair that is naturally straight from just brushing it out!
  5. I think it is official that I'm ready for fall because this week I have been rocking sundresses with chunky cardigans layered over them. It's like I want it to be both summer and fall at the same time. Most people recognize August as summer but clearly I have declared it a transition month.
What are some of your favorites from this week?


  1. ooh ive never heard of meme box but ive jsut checked them out and they look so good! i'd love it if youd comment back xx

    1. I'm so obsessed with them now, I may or may not have ordered 10....:x