Thursday, August 7, 2014

Haul: elf Cosmetics Eyeshadows, Blushes and More!

Spending ban? What spending ban...I caved a ordered some goodies from elf. I must say that I've been wanting one specific baked eyeshadow for awhile now and I finally decided to just go for it and pick up a few other things. I do love elf, it's very hit or miss when it comes to their products so definitely do a lot of research before picking anything up. While it's tempting to stock up your collection with their dollar goodies, some things are just really poor quality and not even worth the dollar. It's a funny coincidence that everything I picked up cost $3! Let's skip the rambling and just get right into the goods.

I picked up three of the Studio Baked Eyeshadow in the colors EnchantedChocolate Dreams, and Pixie. The color that caused this whole order is Enchanted which is a beautiful gold that has some great dimension to it. Pixie is a nice dusty rose and Chocolate Dreams is a really rich brown that will be a great crease color.
After seeing multiple review on the Essential Smudge Pots I just had to grab a few to try out myself! Somewhere between a cross of gel and cream these things are super pigmented and easy to work with. The packaging is a little flimsy, sometimes it doesn't feel like the top is screwed on tightly but for $3 each I'm still pleased. The colors I got were Brownie Points (nice neutral brown),  Ain't That Sweet (beautiful pinky nude), Back to Basics (coppery beige), and Poppin Party (deep royal purple). These will be great as bases as well as liners and I'm so excited to play around with these!
I can't believe I didn't own any elf blushes (come on I'm a blush fanatic here!) so I picked up two Studio Blushes, one in the very shockingly fun Pink Passion and then Berry Merry which is one of my go to colors of a muted berry flush. I'm a little intimidated by that pink in person I don't think I own anything that in your face so it will definitely be something new for me to try.
This last batch is just some random things. For some reason I only own angled blush brushes so I decided to order the Studio Blush Brush just for the different shape to see if I liked the effect better than an angled one. Also everytime I've gone on the site this item had been sold out so I was thrilled to finally be able to get the Studio Lip Exfoliator. There's definitely mixed reviews out there on this but this is the only thing I've been using consistently since this all came in the mail and I'm absolutely obsessed! The last thing I picked up was the Studio Eye Refresh. I'm running out of my Simple Eye Roll On and this looked similar so it got tossed into the cart for me to try out and see if I like.


  1. I have actually have never used any E.L.F. products. That gold eyeshadow is gorgeous and I love a good lip exfoliator.

  2. I love ELF, I really want to try out the lip exfoliator :) I nominated you for a liebster award over on my blog : Be surer to check it out :) xxx