Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Blog on a Budget

I'm not going to lie when I first started this blog not only was it an emotional outlet but it was also to justify all the extreme amount of spending that I do on makeup products. Trips to the drugstore became "I shouldn't buy these five blushes" to "It's okay to buy five, actually grab more because it's for the blog". Obviously with this mindset, "blogging" started to become very expensive for me and finally I realized I needed to make a change in my approach. For those that don't know, I really don't make any money off this blog at all. The few pennies I make from the ads I have on my site goes straight back into advertising (in the form of adwords) for the blog, so nothing ever goes towards the products. All of these products and items are purchased with my own money, so as you can imagine savings are hard to come by for me. 

After I realized what was happening to my bank account that's when I decided to enact that spending ban. More on how that turned out for me, but I can say at the beginning I did find some creative ways to blog on a limited budget and thought it would be helpful to share these tips today!

  • Review everything. I don't believe that reviews should be limited to just new products, but any products you can find in the stores these days would be useful to put out current and fresh perspectives on them. Pull out all your tried and true products and whip up a new review, and within the same vein don't be afraid to put up bad reviews! The bad is just as valuable as the good out there because it really helps people get a complete view on a product.
  • Get creative with DIY. Now's the time to let Pinterest rule your life. Everyone loves a good DIY and you will have a nifty new item out of it! DIYs are good content for blogs especially when you can really break down step by step with pictures and detailed instructions. When you're looking to save money with your blog, pumping out some good crafting tutorials is a good way to do that, and help you creatively declutter the house!
  • Look into sites such as Influenster and Klout. Both of these are great communities that reward your social reach and will send you perks and opportunities to review items for free. This is a fun way to get some products and involved with others in the community to grow your social presence at no cost!
  • Invest time into blogger communities. This is a great way to expose yourself to many different blogs and voices. Nothing works better at giving you inspiration than surrounding yourself with like minded people. Be careful when doing this to not lose your own voice in the process though!
  • Feature weekly challenges. Another great way to start shopping your collection is featuring weekly challenges. On my own blog I started up nail of the week series, as well as spent a whole month wearing eye shadow everyday from some neglected palettes and these series were both great hits. This is not only a great way to prevent you from buying new things, but really challenges you to fall in love with products all over again.
What are some of your tips for blogging on a budget?


  1. Love this post because lately I have been out of control blaming every purchase on needing something to blog about lol this was great and right on time

    1. I know the feeling! We should probably start a support group!!

  2. Thanks for the Influenster/Klout suggestions - I will definitely be checking them out!

  3. Hey girl I nominated you for an award, go check it out!