Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ins & Outs

I think I need to stop trying to do "Day in the Life" posts because everytime I try it just fails miserably. Over the weekend I went to Outside Lands which is a music festival in San Francisco and every since I bought the ticket (months ago) I was planning a full on photo diaryish post of everything. Clearly that didn't happen. I got may three photos in total, obviously not enough for a post so instead I'm going for a nice Ins & Outs type post. A lot has been going on in my life (life update is still coming I promise) but this post will be a nice little sneak peek into some of the things that have been happening. If anyone remembers how my summer started you will be pleased to know that it has completely turned around and I really couldn't be happier about where I ended up now. Actually 2014 in general did not start out great for me and everyday I'm still amazed at how things turned out. Anyways, enough with the vague rambling, let's just get right into the meat of today's post!


  • Recently my office moved locations and now we are next door to a Trader Joe's and I'm remembering how ridiculous obsessed I am with it. Particularly I'm loving the Mango Black Tea, it's great to just make a huge pitcher of it and stick it in the fridge and use frozen mango chunks (that I also pick up from TJs) as ice cubes for the most delicious drink ever; and the Chicken Pesto Wrap, I would eat that everyday for lunch if I could it is THAT good.
  • I discovered something amazing recently which is taking my favorite brow powder (theBalm's Brow Pow!) and spritzing my angled brush with setting spray so that it turns the powder into a gel like consistency and then my brows are truly bullet proof. This move is totally life changing so if you are a brow powder enthusiast you really need to try this method out!
  • I've been playing a few songs on repeat lately and the first is Stolen Dance by Milky Chance. I know technically this song is about drugs and addictions but it's just such a catchy song with possibly one of the greatest choruses ever. The other song that I'm really loving is West Coast by Lana del Rey. The first time I heard this song I actually really hated it, but the song is just so cool and California that it really has grown on me.
  • For the longest time I've sported my yellow bird's nest phone case but I just bought this one and I am so in love! I love the white against my white phone and this psychedelic sunflower is just so me. Pretty much me in a phone case. I do wish that the sides were a little more rubbery and grippy because phones just slip out of my hands for some reason, but I love the design enough to just overlook it.
  • I am thrilled that my guilty pleasure TV show Dance Moms is back. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I watch it but let's be real I really have no shame. This show is just so ridiculous but in a way where I really do believe that this isn't all staged. And the kids also put me to shame wishing I had even an ounce of talent (and flexibility) they have.
  • I came across my collection of Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson mysteries and have started the series all over again. These are fun and easy reads about a small town full of murders (why do people still live there? and why haven't they all died out yet?) and the one bakery woman who solves them all. It's quite silly but it makes for good bedtime reading and I've been quite enchanted by the adventures at The Cookie Jar again.
  • What have I been doing all my life not using toners?! They really make a HUGE difference in skincare and now toner and acne spot treatment are the two things I refuse to skip out on every day (and night!) currently I am really loving the Paula's Choice Pore Reducing Toner (great value at $18 for 6.4oz!) for nighttime and then the Michael Todd Cranberry Antiox Toner in the mornings. The Michael Todd one is just okay and not exactly for my skin type but I had a few sample sized bottles that I'm just trying to use up. Once it's done I'm interested in picking up Pixi Glow because I've heard some great things about it and I can get it at Target! Toner really makes a differences in smooth and soft skin and I will never skimp again. Just make sure to get alcohol free toners because alcohol is really drying and harsh on skin, and I have really oily skin and still noticed!


  • Probably for a good 2-3 months now I've had really bad teenage skin. Huge eruptions along my jawline and at one point for about three weeks the entire left side of my face was covered in huge angry red pimples. So bad skin is definitely some that is OUT in my book! The good news is in a few days I can start back on my medication and claim my balanced hormones and smooth skin. My skin has me so frustrated that at some points it has resorted me to tears. I never realized how much clear skin meant to me until it went away so fingers crossed it will finally go back to normal in the coming month or two.
  • So I mentioned Trader Joe's earlier due to my office move but sadly that means a longer commute for me. At this point I think I need to seriously consider moving and figure out what I'm doing and whether or not I want to stay with my current job situation. There's a lot to consider but for now this longer drive is kind of annoying but at least I'm still moving against traffic so even though it's longer, I'm constantly zipping down the highways.
  • I'm really sick of this grey weather. Don't get me wrong I love the rain, but this is such a tease. Between the gloom and this drought I'm really ready for it to be the fall and for some rain showers! My car really could use a good washing too and I feel guilty wasting water on it. A week ago I finally had to break down and do it since the dust was coating my windshield to the point where the glare from the sun made me completely blind, but I felt the judgement and death glares from my neighbors...
  • I never thought I would find myself saying this but I'm kind of down on my subscription boxes lately! A little spoiler for this months, but the last few months haven't been so great for me and I get three different ones! I really don't know what to do, I'm locked into Birchbox and Beauty Box 5 for the year and I just don't want to give up hope on Ipsy. I'm seriously considering a three month splurge for Pop Sugar or maybe trying out Allure's Sample Society, I've just been so disappointed lately with the stuff I'm getting I need something good!
What are some in's and out's lately in your life?

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