Monday, August 4, 2014

July 2014 UNfavorites

I'm starting to think I should start combining these unfavorites posts with something else, maybe start doing some first impressions? I just feel like the consistency of having unfavorites isn't there and also an entire day dedicated to a fairly negative post? Throw some ideas at me because I'm not sure what to do here! Anyways, this month I scraped up a few items that I could have done without in my life as well as one that I'm just on the fence about, I'll get more into that at the end, so let's just get started with these things.

This has to be one of the worst hair masks ever and I've hated it since pretty much my first few uses but each month I just forgot to include it in the unfavorites. So it's all gone now but I held onto this empty container because I was determined to rant about it this time. So the L'Oreal Moisture Rush Hair Mask was NOT moisturizing at all and if anything made my hair feel so heavy with product that I had to wash it after just a day. It seriously made my hair feel dirty and my two dollar conditioner did a better job hydrating than this stuff did. I love the Erase Balm that is from the same collection, but this moisture rush one, stay away!

I love Chapstick brand chapstick, but this one in Vanilla Mint is horrible. It doesn't moisturize my lips at all and makes it feel like there's just a film on my lips which is just gross. I've scraped off the top layer multiple times thinking that it was something just sitting on the top but each time it is just as gross. Once this is done I will definitely pass on ever buying this flavor again.

This color is beautiful however China Glaze Meteor Shower dries to the most unsavory lumpy texture and a dull not quite matte but not shiny sheen. Even after applying about 2-3 top coats it just won't smooth out nor will it look shiny. This is disappointing because I bought it after reading it was a dupe for Essie Starry Starry Night, but this quality of this nail polish is just not worth it.

So the last product is the L'Oreal True Match Foundation but this is the one I'm not sure about. After I used it I broke out horribly but I can't tell if it's the foundation or because of my crazy skin situation right now. I really wanted to like it because the color was perfect for me, I loved the finish and feel of it, but if it's breaking me out, that's not good. I'm going to wait a few months and try this one again and let's keep our fingers crossed that it won't break me out again!

What are some of your unfavorites from this month?

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