Monday, August 25, 2014

Nails of the Week #10: Glitter French with Color Club Magic Attraction

This technique definitely needs some refining, seriously the second the top coat dried I kind of went duh, should have used a makeup wedge to clean up the ombre end of things so it's less of an abrupt stop of glitter. Oh well there's always next time and I just know that this will be one of my go to looks especially for winter. This week I took Color Club's Magic Attraction and did a gorgeous glitter french with it. It was the easiest manicure ever and it looks so chic and glam, I'm a little obsessed. This glitter is a very fine pixie dust of mostly silver mixed in with a rainbow of colors, the dominant one seeming to be some red. Clearly I've been on a whole glitter/rainbow holo kick lately, I'm just into the dazzling nails!

It was really easy to get this effect, a light coat on about half the nail with the glitter so that it's very sparse and then I just went to town dabbing at the tips to build up the glitter. You do need to be a little careful here so it doesn't build up into a mountain, but either way a glitter french is much easier to work with than any color so I was easily able to do both hands by myself. Follow up with a shiny top coat to smooth everything out and voila you have a beautiful manicure that looks like it was done professionally! This look is definitely better with longer nails so keep that in mind if you ever want to try it!

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  1. That looks really nice! I will have to try it!