Monday, August 11, 2014

Nails of the Week #8: Essie sssssexy

Well this polish was a utter fail for me. This week I did Essie's sssssexy which is apart of their effects line. It's one of those magnetic nail polishes that has iron in the formula so when you run a magnet over the top of it a cool design is suppose to appear. In this cause it was suppose to be a snakeskin pattern, nope definitely didn't work for me. I followed the directions to a T and I didn't even get the slightest hint of a pattern! I'm realizing I've done a lot of Essie lately but if you've checked out my nail polish collection posts here and here you'll realize the brand domination. Moving forward I'll try to pick some different brands but I just love Essie so much!

Despite being disappointed by the lack of design, this is a beautiful color by itself. It's a nice red wine (or sanguine) color that has a slight silver metallic sheen. I'm assuming that sheen is due to the iron, but either way it gives the color a really nice vampy look to it. The application was a dream, this could have been a one coater but I ended up with two because the directions suggested putting down one coat, and then doing a second coat before running the magnet. This is definitely a color I will rock again and I think it will also be a great one for the toes during winter, so despite the magnet not working out so well for me I still love the color! And yes I shook this baby like crazy to mix up the iron, I think I might have just gotten a faulty bottle of it sadly.

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