Monday, August 18, 2014

Nails of the Week #9: China Glaze BFF

This nail polish is a one coat dream! I just love it so much, so smooth and easy to get the perfect cuticle shape with it. And the color! Don't even get me started. This is China Glaze BFF which is the most gorgeous pink holographic sparkle. It's just so beautiful with the rainbow iridescence! I was OBSESSED back in January with this polish when I first got it and I think I wore it for a solid two months straight on my toes, this is actually the first time this color has gone on my nails! The one drawback to this polish is that it chips pretty easily since a top coat kind of ruins the beautiful effect of the color. At least it is easy to touch up because the holographic effect really covers up any unevenness or lines.

I took a ton of pictures from all sorts of angles and different lightings to really capture all the dimensions of this polish but the pictures seriously don't do it justice. In person the color is less rainbow and more of a shimmery nudey pink but whenever it moves and catches the light you get flashes of color. This is definitely a really special polish and one I will have to rock on my nails more often. Sadly this came out in a limited edition collection and it's really hard to get your hands on them now but I'm seriously obsessed and it's become my life mission to hunt ever single polish in this collection down!


  1. That is really pretty! I can only guess how beautiful it is in real life!

    1. I really want to start lobbying China Glaze to re-release this collection! It was the only one I could get my hands on but the whole collection consists of these holographic beauties!