Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Review: theBalm's Vanilla Oil-Absorbing Face Moisturizer

I was skeptical at first, but I think this may be one gimmick that actually works! Typically I tend to stay away from cream moisturizers in the morning because I have oily skin and I find that most tend to add to the oil throughout the day. I go with a lighter gel formula that is fast absorbing, but I'm finding that gel moisturizers aren't moisturizing enough! Enter theBalm's Vanilla Oil-Absorbing Face Moisturizer. This guy retails for $20 on theBalm's website and is a nice frosted glass bottle with a pump that comes with 45 ml of product! The site states that it is a lightweight, oil-free formula infused with special oil absorbing “micro-sponges” that will help control shine for hours on end, without drying your skin. It is also Paraben-free, Synthetic Dye-free, Phthalate-free, Cruelty-free & Made in the USA!
First impressions, I love that it comes in a bottle with a pump, two pumps deposits the perfect amount of product for my whole face! A little really goes a long way, just a dab takes a good amount of rubbing to get this thicker cream to absorb into my skin but once it's done it leaves no greasy residue or anything behind! It feels the same as when I use a gel moisturizer. Right away I was loving how absorbent it was. I will say that first time I tried this guy out it was at night and in the morning I noticed there was significantly less oil on my face than usual when I wake up! Even though it is a vanilla moisturizer, I actually do not really detect a scent from it at all. After sitting there basically huffing in this stuff, I don't even get a hint of vanilla from it, which was slightly disappointing (think vanilla cupcakes), but at the same time nice because a strong vanilla smell on my face for an extended period of time would have probably given me a horrible headache.
After using this product for a good three weeks now as my skin has cycled through all levels of oiliness, I'm confident in stating that I notice a definite improvement in the shine throughout the day. While it doesn't keep me 100% matte all day like the product claims, it is successful in keeping a decent amount of the oil at bay. For example without using this, it takes 2-3 oil blotting sheets to mattify my forehead but when I used this stuff it took only one! When compared to my gel moisturizers which really aren't that hydrating at all, I'm pleased to have found a cream moisturizer that really soaks into my skin and keeps it hydrated all day. Personally $20 is a little steep (hey I'm used to my $6 moisturizer from the drugstore!) so I suggest catching this one when it is discounted, it's definitely worth the small splurge, especially if you have more combination skin!

Have you tried out this moisturizer?


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  2. Did this smell very vanilla-y? Can you do a review on vain pursuits' moisturizers?

    1. Not at all! I was hoping for a hint of that cakey goodness. I haven't heard of those but I can definitely take a look at them and possibly do a review! :)