Friday, August 8, 2014

This Week in Videos

You may have remembered when I did a similar post with links but instead I wanted to try it with some videos instead this week! Here's a collection of some YouTube videos that I've been really loving this week for various reasons. I seriously watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube, it basically is my substitute for TV (who am I kidding I follow a ridiculous amount of TV series too...), either way here is just some fun stuff I've found from this week!

These smoothies I want to try them all! Summer is rapidly ending and with it smoothie season (in my opinion) so I really need to get on it.

First of all let me just say that I love Claudia's vlogs, add on that she just moved to LA, hello home decor! This particular episode really got me with the pranking and it's totally something I would do too.

Jennxpenn is someone new I've started watching but her Q&A was hilarious to watch this week. I found her through all the collabs that she does so I'm excited to see more from her!

I'm oddly obsessed with day in the life videos and it's inspiring me to attempt to do more of those types of posts for my blog.

Benji's pasta! Enough said really.

She's back to vlogging!!! Seriously when December ended (a very long time ago) I was sad because it was the end of Vlogmas. Literally just now I realized December is fast approaching (3 months?) so that will herald the return of daily vlogs for many channels yay!

I love the idea of a beauty bucket list and I think this may be something I need to start a new series on! I definitely fall into the habit of grabbing the same tried and true products as well as the comfortable trends so this could be a great way for me to try something new as well as some fun blogging material!

How cute are these TMNT nails??? I really need to step up my nail art game. I'm spending so much time running around lately I haven't had a good hour to dedicate to making some cool designs.

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