Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall TV Show Schedule!

If you've been following my blog at all you know I have a serious TV addiction. I definitely follow more shows than it is healthy but the truth is I really like to have some background noise on as I do things. Even as I am typing this I have a marathon of Desperate Housewives running in the background. It's another show season so time for another round up of shows I'm looking forward to starting (and starting up) again!
I think Biggest Loser is my first love when it comes to reality TV shows. The tears of both pain and happiness...sometimes I feel a little sick for loving it that much. But the transformations at the end are amazing. I know a lot of them don't keep the weight off but those who are able to are truly inspirational. This season will be amazing I think since the theme this time around is "Glory Days" meaning all of the contestants are past athletes. All the seasons that had former athlete contestants were amazing to watch those particular people because they worked hard and really dug down deep for that motivation. This season starts on September 11th on NBC.

Commercials really work for me because ever since the Olympics back in February they've been showing them for Red Band Society that will finally premiere September 17th on Fox. I'm a sucker for hospital shows and this one seems like it will be a good one. However all my new shows lately (Growing Up Fisher, Crisis, Believe...) have all been cancelled after the first season so I'm not holding my breath on this one surviving.

Modern Family has to be one of my most favorite comedies so I'm thrilled that not only is it coming back soon but it's on my birthday September 24th! I look forward to this one every week and I'm still dying for Netflix to add the past seasons so I can just binge watch all the seasons.

Speaking of hospital shows Grey's Anatomy back on September 25th is another one I'm eagerly anticipating. I will admit the storyline is starting to get a little ridiculous I mean seriously how many siblings can one girl have that they aren't aware exist?? I want this show at the same time to end and also never end just because I feel like they are working the characters to death and the producers really need to recognize when to call it quits, but then again I'll be sad when I no longer have Seattle Grace Grey Sloan Memorial whatever they call it now, in my life.

A new show for me this year is Scandal and all I have to say is why didn't I start watching it sooner? It's just amazing and the last season ended on the cliffhanger so I'm dying to know what happened to Olivia!

Once Upon A Time was losing its magic (pun totally intended) for me but then they threw in that wrench that they are bringing the Frozen story line to the show and now I'm instantly interested again! The story picks up after the movie so I'm intrigued to see how this goes and what it means for the current story!

Another new show for me this year is Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was like Game of Thrones, the first episode was kind of bad and hard for me to get past but someone convinced me to just sit through it and I'm glad I did because it is hilarious. The 30 minute comedies are the perfect pick me ups after a long day so I'm excited for the return of another one into my life.

I so called it from the beginning of the last season, Terminus = cannibals. The Walking Dead is back on October 12th, the gang's finally back together and out of their prison farm so it should get good! Last we saw Rick and company are shut up in what I think is a storage pod in the heart of a cannibal camp. What happens next...I want to know too!

I've been a faithful American Horror Story follower since the beginning despite being disappointed by the last two seasons but maybe this will be the one where they get it right. The second season tried to throw in too many random horror stories, the third season was downright dull, only the first season was pure perfection. This latest installment is the last season where Jessica Lange will be in (pity, her characters really made the show), and this time it is entitled Freak Show.

The last one I'm so looking forward to is the return of MasterChef Junior at the beginning of November. Nothing like small children making me ashamed of my lack of cooking skills. It really is amazing to see what these kids can do and how well they are able to handle the pressures of the competition.

Trust me I had more than just ten but it became both embarrassing to admit and a little out of hand so I decided to cap off this post here. What are some TV shows you are looking forward to returning this fall?

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