Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy 1 Year!

Today marks the one year blog-o-versary of this blog! Whoohoo! I can't believe I have been blogging for a full year now and that I've managed to stick to my crazy schedule of posts five days a week! I'm really proud with the improvements and achievements I have made over this year and this is truly a project I am proud of. I'm going to do just a quick run down of what some highlights from this year! They may seem small but I'm really proud of all of them:
  • I reached 60 Bloglovin' followers! I would say probably for the first six months or so I was pushing out content and I didn't tell anyone, not even friends and family. Then one day I had a friend tell me that she stumbled across my blog and shared it with her coworkers and ever since then I've grown more confident in my abilities to write and less shy about letting people know I was out there. To know that at least 60 people were interested enough to start following my blog is a really exciting moment for me!
  • Joined an amazing Birchbloggers community. Along with starting to share my blog a little I joined the Birchbloggers group and from there I also found other great blogs that serve as inspiration and aspirations for what I wanted to do with my blog. 
  • Hit over 13000 page views. Never did I imagine I could create something that people would want to read but it happened. This started out as a project just for myself, I didn't care if no one ever saw it, I just wanted to write about something I loved so I feel so humbled and blessed to have created a following and I appreciate all the love and support I have received.
  • Redesigned my blog layout to perfection. It had been on my to-do list to redesign this blog, I started it with just a basic template and a roughly edited photo as a banner. I am in love with this minimalist look I have achieved and while it's not anything fancy, it is completely me and does its job of highlighting the content above all else.
  • Learned so much about beauty and makeup. The girl who used to fill in her brows with a sponge tip applicator and sparkly black eyeshadow has come so far. It's almost embarrassing to admit but I'm so excited that I have become a resource for friends and family when it comes to all things beauty and makeup.
  • Name change! This was a really subtle change but when I first started this blog was titled "Love Life, Outloud" until I realized how silly (and misspelled) it was so I condensed and lovelifeoutloud was born.
Now that we've gone through the journey of the past year, I'm sharing a sneak peek of what's coming in October (and beyond!)

Memebox Oh My Honey box! (Possibly my all time favorite Memebox!)
Review of theBalm's Kiwi Facial Scrub
POPSUGAR Must Have October Unboxing (and what sacrifices I'm making to keep this subscription around!)
Updated nighttime skincare routine (all 13 steps detailed out!)
Follow me as I reorganize my makeup from five separate areas into one makeup storage unit!
Wardrobe and shoe purging posts
The return of book reviews
Revamped recipe posts (chicken shrimp scampi pasta anyone?)
My obsession with the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candles
That Iceland vlog that I have taken months to edit....
...and my first ever giveaway!

One year ago my very first blog post was a quick introductory blurb about what I wanted to do with this blog followed by product reviews and favorite posts that had badly staged images. While I'm still not completely satisfied with the quality of my pictures I can definitely see the improvements in it all. I'm so excited and grateful for all my loyal readers and for myself pushing through the tough times to stick to the schedule. It's been a great year and I can't wait to see what the years to come will bring!

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