Monday, September 29, 2014

Nail of the Week #14: Color Club in Bundle of Joy

I am so behind (in real time) on my NotW next week you'll be seeing birthday nails...for my birthday that was last week...I just had a week where I changed my polish three times and then ended up getting ahead in this series. So I guess I'm not really behind, but I am in keeping it current? Okay I'm just confusing myself at this point. Anyways onto the nail color of the week (that I was actually wearing two weeks ago...)!  I can't decide if Color Club in Bundle of Joy reminds me of mint chocolate chip or Tiffany's more. It's this beautiful mint green that has black and clear glitter throughout it. This definitely requires multiple coats to achieve full opacity so the glitters will layer onto each other for a really beautiful effect. I must say I was slightly wary picking this up because in my experience the more pastel the color, they harder it is to work with, so I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. This is definitely my final nod to summer colors before I revert back to jewel tones and muted colors for the colder months.

There's some serious leveling issues with this polish but due to the nature of it, the layer of glitter, it's actually not noticeable. Initially I used three coats but then the next day I was noticing some funky bald spots so I added one more coat and it was perfect. I just love this color, it's so pretty and the formula is easy to work with. This would be a really fun color on the toes too! It was a little difficult getting the black glitter on my nails because there were less of them throughout the polish but it made for a more whimsical effect in the end so I'm not mad about it.

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