Monday, September 22, 2014

Nails of the Week #13: Julep in Kai & Sephora Formula X in Firecracker

A quick pitstop into Marshalls after work yielded an unplanned nail polish haul. When a girl walks in and finds Julep, Sephora Formula X, and Ciate polishes that are brand new AND sealed for a steeply discounted price, of course I'm going to pick up everything I can hold in my hands. Long story short, this week features two polishes I picked up from that day. First the blue is Julep Kai. I haven't had the best luck with Julep in the past but decided to give it another shot when a bottle cost a mere $4. This is a gorgeous sky blue that I surprisingly did not have in my collection yet with a sea salt finish...aka textured sand finish. This polish surprised me by being surprisingly easy to work with for a blue of this brightness, past experiences were that bright blues have always been a nightmare and never lasted more than ten minutes on my nails. This dried very quickly and the formula was easy to control, I could have gotten away with one coat but I did two coats to fill in some patches on the sides that I missed on my first past. The textured finish has lasted longer than my experience with OPI which quickly wears away to smooth within a day or two. I love the matte textured finish of this polish and definitely will be wearing it more.

I had a slight accident where I left some nail marks on one of the nails (how did it happen...your guess is as good as mine) so my answer to that was to pull out another new find which is Sephora Formula X in Firecracker for some accent nails. This is a matte orange glitter, speckles?, I'm really not sure how I'm suppose to describe it but this comes from their effects line. There are larger hexagonal shapes as well as smaller dots. The shapes (I guess that's a better word than glitter) were very densely packed in the clear base so it was easy to get an even distribution of them over the nails. These shapes do stick up and will snag on things so a top coat is needed to smooth everything out. The effect is a very fun contrasting design and I will definitely enjoy using more of these top coat effects in the future. It's also tempting me to pick up some more Formula X polishes but I think I will just continue to prey on Marshalls and snatch more of these guys up as I see them! I apologize one of the close ups is a little blurry and I flooded my cuticles like crazy this time, I promise to do better next time.

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  1. Wow, that is super unique!

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