Thursday, September 4, 2014

Palette Palooza

I'm loving the series that Asja over at Beauty Ignited is doing of weekly makeup collections so I thought it would be fun to borrow the idea to share a bit of mine! I've been lusting after some palettes lately (LORAC Pro 2, Coastal Scents Revealed 2, theBalm Meet Matte Nude and Stila Eyes Are The Window just to name a few!) so I thought it would be a good opportunity to do a count your blessings type of post and introduce my palette stash! I really don't wear eye shadow as much as I should, I completely blame it on melting in summer heat, so I thought a good way to prevent myself from splurging on a palette where 90% of the colors I already own, I should remind myself of the ones I already own and what it is about them that I love.
The first palette I ever bought was the LORAC Pro and it really is a well loved possession. This travels with me almost everywhere because the packaging is so sleek and travel friendly and the mix of matte and shimmers is perfect for all occasions. You can see why I'm dying for the the Pro 2 and I think I will have to ask for that for my birthday.
Staying in the LORAC swing of things, I have my favorite Vegas palette which is the LORAC Stylist. It's what I believe is the perfect watered down version of the Pro palette with mostly shimmery colors that make for fun smokey eyes. Also those two highlight colors are to die for.
My last LORAC palette is this adorable LORAC Lace palette which I've actually had yet to use! It's tiny and fits in the palm of my hand, plus even the smallest clutch comfortably. The colors are shimmery and gorgeous and next time I go on an overnighter this will have to be the one I pack.
My newest palette purchase is the Too Faced Chocolate Bar and I'm obsessed with just the smell alone. The colors are just gorgeous though! I haven't used this nearly as much as I should because truthfully it is very similar to Naked 3, but I think I will definitely start playing with it more. One draw back to this palette is that the names for each color isn't printed onto the packaging but instead on a clear insert, I hope I never lose it! For my full review with swatches read it here!
This is my one and only Naked palette and I am just in love. The Urban Decay Naked 3 palette is the only one that really spoke to me because of all the beautiful pink and blush shades. This one I picked up pretty much the second it was released and I don't think there's a single color in there that I don't love! In particular I am a fan of Strange, Burnout, Trick, Nooner and Blackheart. I even picked up the Naked 3 24/7 liner because I just loved the colors so much.
I went on a BH Cosmetics binge when I first started getting into makeup (yes that was a year ago) and my favorite thing that I've picked up has to be the Galaxy Chic palette. Again this is something I need to use more, the color and quality is great for the price. I think the reason I don't use it more is because the color in the pan is very different from what actually swatches out so sometimes it's hard to just go for it and hope for the best. Read my full review with swatches here!
The one palette that I have never touched is the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Neutral. This came free with my order and I just have so many neutral options already that I never think to pull this one out. I definitely should though, there are some gorgeous colors in here that would really work well with any eye look.
Getting down to one of my least favorite palettes which is this Elf Baked Eye Shadow Palette. The quality is just not there, you can check out the week where I featured this palette here for some thoughts and eye looks. I bought this after I picked up the Galaxy Chic because those baked shadows were such a hit I wanted to try some more. I regret this decision because I rarely reach for this at all.
My biggest regret when it comes to palettes is the BH Cosmetics California Collection (Malibu, San Francisco, Hollywood). I picked these up in a huge haul of stuff and the overall quality is just so bad, and whoever picked these colors must be blind because they do not go well together at all. If I didn't think it was wasteful I would just chuck these in the trash. The only saving grace are the face powders, but I rarely think to grab one of these palettes just for blush, so overall they are just a bust. You can see swatches here and read how I tried to be positive about these guys.

Anyone else got their palette stash to share?

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  1. Yay!! You did it, I have the same feelings about my naked 3, in love. I also had the elf baked eyeshadow palettes and the little city themed bh palettes and hated them, I passed those on very quickly! Lol