Saturday, September 27, 2014

Project Pan Update!

This is out of the ordinary, coming to you on a Saturday, but September has just been jam packed of so many things to write about that somehow my Project Pan update got lost in the shuffle. So for a Saturday special today I will be laying out my progress on the project! September was a great month for me. I was busy working at some good stuff, received so many packages it was like Christmas came early, and with my skin stabilizing back to its combination state that I've been able to wear makeup more often without fear of it sliding off my face! That being said, I really knocked it out of the park with Project Pan this month and I'm very pleased with my progress!
Benefit Hello Flawless Powder. This is finished! I'm excited I can pick up the right color now but I think I will wait to do this because I have quite a few other powders that would like their chance in the limelight.
Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait. I always think I didn't make that much progress on lippies but once I put the comparison pictures side by side I see a huge dent in it. I predict this should be gone soon which is a good thing since I'm completely in the fall mood and itching to rock the berry lips.
theBalm Stainiac. I think this is pretty much done. There is some of this icky gel still stuck at the top and bottom but I just can't fish it out. It's a shame because it feels really nice when applied and the color is gorgeous but the wear is awful. It starts peeling off my lips about an hour after application which isn't a pleasant thing and it really dried out my lips like crazy.
Benefit Watts Up. I'm actually a huge fan of this stuff now and kind of want to take it out of my project pan for that reason! The color and shimmer is perfect and I've been wearing it pretty much every day down the ridge of my nose and cheekbones.
I went back and forth about adding more items to this project but I thought it was high time I worked through all these liners that subscription boxes keep sending me! I'm starting with an easy one which is this Lord & Berry Kajal Stick since it's so tiny!  I'm also tossing in these two perfume samples in Harvey Prince Hello and Christopher Wicks English Laundry since I feel like I can't be accountable to actually use them up if it weren't for putting it out on the internet!

How else is everyone doing on Project Pan?

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