Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Unboxing: Blue Velveteen September 2014

Double Unboxing Day Special! I have been flooded with subscription boxes lately and in order to get them all out in a timely fashion I have to double up (and even do some weekend posts)! September was a spend like crazy month so I promise it will calm down and there will be the return of reviews and random musings that everyone knows and love soon.

Today I am coming to you with a box I totally purchased on a whim after reading about it on another blog, Beeju Boxes, which is Blue Velveteen! This site looks horribly made and really doesn't have much to it but I decided to give it a shot anyways. Also at this point I have no clue if I bought a monthly subscription at all since at the time there was just the option to purchase one box but since then I've noticed there's just the option for an every month purchase. I mean I could do some investigation into this but I've decided it would be more fun just to see if I receive a nice surprise next month! Note: Sane people would not be doing this and as always do as I say not as I do!

For $10 a month Blue Velveteen sends out a makeup box full of full sized and deluxe products! They are an up and coming company and this September box was their first offering. This will be just a quick unboxing that omits the values but I will be back at the end with my final thoughts on the service!

I love how the box comes with everything wrapped in this blue tissue paper and tied with a blue velvet ribbon! This nice touch to their theme is well appreciated by me. Here is also a quick overview of all the goods that came!
Red Cherry Eyelashes in Black | Full Size and Bonus Add On
Ciate Polish in  Pillow Fight | Mini Size

They run a lot of promo codes to add in items for new subscribers so this was the offering for me at the time so I added it. I don't usually wear falsies but these seem fun. This Ciate polish is probably my favorite thing, it's in that muted grey lavender that I love to wear in the winter. I guess technically you could say this is a full sized product because it is a full size of their mini line that they sell.
Sexy Bath and Body in Lavender & Chamomile | Deluxe Sample Size
Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream | Deluxe Sample Size

Oh goody body gel. This stuff smells pretty good though and I didn't know that Sexy Hair even had a shower gel line! My sister has been looking for a good leave in treatment (she lives in the desert, she needs all the moisture she can get) so this will find a good home with her.
NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Charcoal | Full Size
Sparkley Blue Twist Tie | Full Size?

I don't even understand what this NYX product is. After a quick Google search though I discovered it's a loose glitter for your eyes. Why!! Finally this twist tie is adorable but wayy too small for my thick hair. I still appreciate the blue as a nod towards their name. Also sorry for this horrible picture, I don't even know what is going on with that glare since all the other ones were just fine!

Overall I'm completely underwhelmed by this box. Being it is a new service I wasn't expecting much, especially with a $10 price tag. However these are all things I could have picked up myself and nothing wowed me at all. We will see if I get another box next month, but either way this service will get cancelled.

Anyone else pick up this subscription? What did you think?

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