Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unboxing: Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box!

I apologize now for the yellow lighting in these pictures I was having a lot of issues and even Photoshop wasn't helping me out too much when I went to edit this photos! By the time I realized how poor the quality was I had already thrown away most of the original packaging so this is just what we have to work with!

Every once in awhile Julep decides it's time to clean house and they will release these mystery boxes full of products they are discontinuing or just want to get rid of. There's normally some sort of gimmick that promises some random winners that pulls people into picking up these boxes. I'm not a Julep subscriber but when I heard about this box, paired with a $10 off coupon, I decided to pick one up. I haven't always been the biggest Julep fan but some recent polishes I picked up I've liked so I was interested in trying some more colors. This box cost $24.99 and since I had a coupon I decided to do a small add-on that cost $9.99. I received 9 full sized products and I'm pretty darn pleased with everything I got!

Mask Noir | Value: $32 for 2.5oz
Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers | Value: $10 for 40 sheets

I'm a sucker for masks so a charcoal peel off mask, I'm already a fan! There was also these blotting papers which I don't think you can purchase separately. I rarely use blotting papers but I'll throw these into my car anyways because you never know when there's a serious oil emergency!
*I'm sorry the color is WAY off for the polishes, I've provided links for a more accurate view of the colors
Alma | Value: $14 dijon mustard yellow creme
Catrina | Value: $14 marigold yellow creme (add on)
Shoshanna | Value: $14 yellow holographic glitter (add on)
Annemarie | Value: $14 warm cocoa creme (add on)

These colors are spot on in what I would pick. I'm on an endless hunt for the perfect yellow polish so I'm pleased with two more to try. The brown is the perfect fall neutral and the glitter is probably the only thing I wouldn't have picked myself but it will look nice nonetheless as an accent nail for either of the yellows.
Lengthening Mascara in Brown | Value: $24 on sale for $5.99
Ink Gel Eyeliner in Black | Value: $22
Double Duty Makeup Brush | Value: $28

Normally I hate mascaras but this one looks so pretty! And it's also a dark brown which I've never tried before so this one I will actually keep despite the less than stellar reviews. Gel eyeliner is another thing I've never tried before so this cute little pot will be fun to play with. At first I thought this was just another makeup brush and then I found out it's actually two that stacks together! It's a larger foundation brush that hides a small concealer brush. Fun!

There is a lot of complaints floating out around there of the lack of polishes in the box plus old products but frankly if you go into this knowing what to expect you come out with a box that has a pretty decent value! I paid just a little over $30 including the discount plus tax and I received a box full of products that are valued to be $172! I will use everything that came in this box so I'm pleased.

Did anyone else pick up one of these mystery boxes?

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