Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Unboxing: Memebox Special #41 Jackpot Box

For those that don't know what I'm talking about Memebox is a Korean beauty non-subscription box that sells boxes of surprise products curated with different themes in mind straight from Korea! Like I mean your box is shipped to you FROM Korea! These are great deals because boxes typically run between $19 - $39 (there are more expensive ones) but the value of the boxes are usually double and often triple the price you pay! There are two main kinds of boxes:

Memebox: The original box comes with a mix of 4-8 full sized products and deluxe samples.
Special: Like the original box it comes with 4-8 full sized products and deluxe samples but each of these boxes has its own theme for special occasions or events.
Superbox: Comes with their own theme and contains only full sized products.

This one is the Memebox Special #41 Jackpot Box which is a little different from the other boxes. There are a limited number of boxes and once it is sold it, they are gone. Each box is guaranteed a minimum value of $155 with one lucky winner getting $1000 worth of products! This cost $32 + $6.99 shipping for a total of $38.99.

From the website:

Jackpot! Everyone's a winner at Memebox! You can either win big and take home $1000 worth of awesome stuff, or play for a guaranteed minimum of $155! 

Literally stuffed with all-time Memebox must-haves, each box is bursting with buzz-worthy K-Beauty skincare staples, makeup must

haves, hair and body essentials, and other K-beauty breakthroughs! 

Get in on this chance where everyone is a Memebox winner! Pssst! The 1st place winner will be announced September 2nd, so stay tuned!

These Jackpot boxes sell out fast and unlike the other boxes are non-returnable or refundable. This box shipped September 2nd and arrived on my doorstep September 19th. This one has taken the longest to get to me and it really worried me because the tracking page kept not updating, so it was a nice surprise to get a knock on the door and have this heavy pink box handed to me!

Unlike the typical Memeboxes this one did not come with a handy info card but instead you had to go on the website to figure which place box you got and then you can click the picture for full product descriptions and how to use. After some quick research I discovered that I was one of 30 lucky winners that received the 3rd place box which is a $371 value!! There aren't prices listed for everything but I will include the ones that are!
IOPE Essential Facial Oil 30ml | Value: $90 (FULL SIZE)
DEWYTREE Real Collagen Nutrition Serum 50ml | Value: $39 (FULL SIZE)

I'm trying to break everything down by the types of products. The only way I can describe this is to call these liquidy face skincare! Facial oil which I'm a fan now but I'm starting to amass a collection. This will definitely get used (eventually) but I can't say I'm ridiculously excited because I have many key players at hand. This serum on the other hand though is jumping into my multi-step skincare regiment ASAP! It is said to help treat enlarged pores and signs of aging so sign me up!
CHEEK ROOM Curl and Long Lash Mascara 8g | Value: $9 (FULL SIZE)
IOPE Lip & Cheek 01 Rose Pink 4g | Value: $42 (FULL SIZE)
MEMEBOX Memebrush Set  | Value: $36 (FULL SIZE)

Next category is makeup! Mascara, my least favorite subscription box item, possibly the only thing close to beating it out is body lotions! This lip and cheek cream product is BRIGHT! I'm not sure I'm brave enough to sport this. This was suppose to be just one brush but it's actually an entire six piece travel brush set! This will definitely get used and the little sparkle case is just adorable!
RUBELLI Water Glow BB Cream 40ml ($24)
LUNA Wonder Essential BB Founde SPF25 PA++ miniature

Not one but TWO BB Creams. Without even swatching it out I know that these will be several shades too light for my skin. Technically this could have gone in the last category but since there were two they got to be in a group on their own!
DERMAHOUSE Collagen Firming Cream 30ml | Value: $29 (FULL SIZE)
EVAS Vitamin Sun Cream SPF38 PA++ 50ml | Value: $11 (FULL SIZE)
IOPE Essential Tone & Wrinkle Care Eye Cream 25ml | Value: $86 (FULL SIZE)

I know more than a few people obsessed with age defying products. I'm still on the preventive stage in my life but this stuff will find a good home! Same with this sunblock. I'm reaching the end of my Kiehl's Eye Cream so I'm excited to use this super moisturizing eye cream!
KANG SKIN Rejuvenating Cream 50ml | Value: $72 (FULL SIZE)
DAVI Le Grande Cru Cream 7ml miniature 

More creams! These two are ones that should be the last step in your routine because they are deeply hydrating and basically act as super overnight treatments! The Rejuvenating Cream has the company Bioen on the jar but it is listed as something different on the site so who really knows. I'm really interested in this product because it contains snail mucus as an ingredient! I definitely signed up for the weird when I first got interested in Memebox so I'm thrilled to finally have a strange ingredient product to test out. This stuff is suppose to be great for stress-instigated aging of the skin and since I suffer from mild anxiety on a fairly regular basis I think this will be a great product for me! This other one is a cute little miniature size that will also get used up in rotation.

So as you can see this box was very cream heavy! It was a lot of skincare that seemed targeted towards anti-aging which makes me suspect that they were just trying to clean house and threw a bunch of things together. There are definitely some things I'm interested in particuarly the IOPE Eye Cream the mysteriously labelled Rejuvenating Cream with snail mucus, and the Serum, but I think the vast majority of these will get passed onto friends and family. There was great value in this box, I paid $38.99 and received products valued at $371. Even adjusting for the inflated prices that Memebox goes by this is still valued at the very least in the 300s. Honestly I would have been happier with the 6th place box that had nail polish and masks galore, so despite the amazing value this has to be one of my least favorite Memeboxes. This was a complete surprise with no rhyme or reason or theme so it was a fun gamble that unfortunately didn't pan out well for me. Rest assured everything will find loving homes but I think it's safe to say I won't be tempted by a Jackpot box again!

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