Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Nighttime Skincare Routine

Here it is. My 13 step skincare regime in all it's glory. You thought I was joking? Nope I go real skincare crazy at night because I'm a strong believer in letting all the good stuff soak into my skin overnight and waking up with fresh and happy skin. I mean the skin repairs itself when you're sleeping right? So of course I'm going to help it along with some great nutrients for it to just drink up. With the weather getting cooler, despite having combination skin I still load up on the hydration because moisture really is the best defense against everything. With my oil getting in check I still have fairly acne prone skin that is usually hormonal and due to the fact that I have fairly large pores. Blackheads aren't a huge issue, my aggressive skincare really keeps that in check, but I've started paying more attention to anti-aging products so those are slowly getting incorporated into the routine. Enough rambling, let's just get into the products and steps!

Taking off my makeup hasn't changed and probably never will, the Garnier Cleansing Oil is amazing and gets off even the most stubborn eye makeup for me. With the off chance that I still have some face makeup on I will just grab whatever makeup wipes (heck even a baby wipe) I have lying around and do another swipe. I'm not too worried though since the rest of my steps ensures that all all last traces get abolished. Personally I love the cleansing oil because wipes definitely are a little rough with skin with all the tugging and scrubbing. With the oil makeup literally melts off with very little rubbing so I'm a fan.
Cleansing is a two step process, the first round is necessary to clean off all remaining makeup and surface pollutants, and the second go is what really deep cleans the pores. My first step I always use a gentle cream, gel or foam cleanser. When I'm not trying to use up samples my go to cleanser is the Michael Todd Honey & Oat Cleanser that is really gentle a nice. A little goes a long way and leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed. For my second round I always go for a scrub, I have a wide range of abrasiveness but my top two favorites has been the Glowing Mama Walnut Scrub and theBalm's Kiwi Facial Scrub. The walnut scrub is super creamy and hydrating so it is gentle enough to use everyday but abrasive enough that it leaves my skin feeling smooth while the kiwi scrub really delivers a deep clean like it's nobody's business!
Once my skin is clean I pour out a little Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore Reducing Toner (read a full review here!) onto a cotton round and swipe it all around focusing mostly on my cheeks and t-zone. This step really cleans off all remaining makeup and the proof is in the pudding, or on the cotton round in this case. On days where my skin looks extra broken out a mix a little bit of Paula's Choice Clear Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution with the toner on the cotton round.
Toner is followed by this amazing Dewy Tree Real Collagen Nutrition Serum which is hydrating and helps skin to retain its elasticity, as an added bonus it is suppose to help shrink pores but we all know that is slight a myth. Once that is fully absorbed into my skin I full it up with Pure Passion Fruit Seed Oil, again concentrating on where I'm oiliest. This oil is hyper absorbing and moisturizing and helps to balance out skin pH for overproduction of oil. And it smells darn good.
Finally the last steps involve dotting on Paula's Choice Spot Treatment (with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide!) on problem areas. This is the only stuff I've found that is really good with my skin, it definitely favors this over salicylic acid. This is followed by smoothing on my Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Cream and applying Latisse to my lashes every other night. As a finishing lock in hydration step this Kang Skin Rejuvenating Cream is so thick and luxurious on my face but also fast absorbing so it's not a huge sticky mess. This stuff is fun because it has snail mucus extracts that are suppose to have great anti-aging benefits and just really make your skin glow!
On days where my acne is particularly bad I like to do an overnight spot treatment with my Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. I will just dab a little bit on problem spots and just let it sit overnight. I wake up in the morning and those pimples are basically flat in the morning, it's amazing. Also I sleep with white pillows and as long as the mask is completely dry before I go to sleep I've never had a problem with it rubbing onto my pillows.
Lastly (you thought we were done weren't you?) I do one final spritz with my Suki Skincare Concentrated Balancing Toner, maybe it's the makeup setting spray habit I've adopted, but this final step after rubbing and dabbing so many different creams and serums on, is very refreshing and nice for calming my skin at the end.

This all seems excessive, especially now that I've written it all out but I'm in love with my routine and the results it delivers. My skin has never looked or felt better than it does! I guess I could go on with my full body ritual of all my lotions and potions but that would really turn this into a novel. Let me know below if you would be interested in a second post about that about how I care for my hands, nails, feet, and lips!


  1. Loved this!! I use the cleansing oil after my makeup remover wipes and your right it gets everything off I live that stuff, im actually almost out and need to get some more fast. And yes you should continue on with a part 2

    1. There was a 2 for 1 deal at Walgreens once and I totally stocked up! I think I have a serious hoarding problem LOL

  2. Yay! I've been planning a night time routine blog post myself but I feel so overwhelmed just thinking about it all LOL I'm usually a 13-14 stepper too! ;) Loved the post!

    1. I didn't think it was so bad until I started pulling out the products and counting it all! But do it! I love learning about other people's routines!!