Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mini Unboxings: Walmart Beauty Box | PetBox Deluxe | Freeman's Mystery Bag

I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse but I'm getting boxes almost daily due to my horrible spending last month. That being said this blog is bursting at the seams with content and I'm really unable to keep up with it all! Today I'm bringing you three quick unboxings of some sort of mystery box that are mostly one time purchases. I swear I'm not turning into a subscription box blog but there are a ton of Memeboxes that are slowly making their way to me still! Anyways, I won't go into a lot of detail for any of the boxes, nor will I do a complete list of products. It will just be a quick blurb about the box and I will possibly highlight a few notable products.

First up is this Walmart Beauty Box. I've been sitting on this one for awhile and at first I wasn't even going to put it up but when I decided to do this mini post I thought it would fit in perfectly. This box is a quarterly box that is free, all you do is pay $5 in shipping and all the brands are drugstore items that you can find at Walmart. There were two different variations on the box an "older" one that was packed full of anti-aging goodies and a "younger" one that seemed to lean more towards makeup. I got the younger box and I'm pleased with the amount of full sized products that were included but I'm not crazy about the colors I got, the nail polish is plain and the lip balm is too bright for my taste.
Next is the PetBox. There's a really cute story that goes with this one. A long time ago I found a great discount for a three month subscription of BarkBox so I went ahead and purchased it for my dog. She is one smart Cookie (hah) because she picked up quick that it was a box just for her. Once the subscription ended though everytime I got one of my boxes she would get really excited and watch me unbox it thinking it was her box so when I saw a deal on GroupOn for PetBox I immediately acted on it for her. I got her a three month subscription of the Deluxe box which contains 2-3 full sized treats or toys and usually some bonus sample items. This one costs $19.95 a month but it gets cheaper with monthly plans and there are different types of boxes.
Last is the Freeman's Mystery Bag. This is a one time purchase of $30 with free shipping of a box full of Freeman products from all their lines. They are known for their face masks (just wait until tomorrow for a full understanding of my addiction) and after looking at what was in it last year I just had to get it. So many masks and scrubs and goodies to play with I can't wait!!

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